Ask yourself: When things work well at my company, is it because of process or people? 

The optimum answer is a healthy balance of the two.

Too much dependency on people can result in bottlenecks or inconsistency in quality and productivity. An over-engineered process can add time and complexity, reduce the positive impact that people can have, and erode productivity.

Pure Storage Helps You Give IT More Time Back 

One of the most sought-after results of digital transformation is to remove unnecessary tasks and effort and then commit those necessary tasks to defined processes. This allows tasks to be executed consistently and efficiently. 

Tasks can be reassigned to service providers who can perform them at scale, in ways that would otherwise overburden IT teams. This underwrites the quality of the output and frees up internal resources. Once freed up, those people can focus on the next area of your business to be developed and improved. We call it “giving technologists their time back,” and it’s when transformation really takes flight.

And, underpinning it all is the right technology.

Complexity Is the Enemy of Transformation

The goal here is not to get rid of your people. The goal is to optimize their time to add the most value.  

If they’re encumbered by lack of process, or by the admin overhead created by complex inefficient processes, then they’re likely being underutilized. You’ll end up missing out on the value they can really add—and transformation efforts can stall.

Think of all the time and effort your people spend on making risk-based decisions regarding your storage environment and then justifying those decisions to unlock investment. Teams are constantly assessing the current performance and capacity utilization of your estate, trying to anticipate where the next spike in demand will come from, and choosing the most appropriate technology to buy, how much you need, and where to put it.

This requires changes and endless rounds of procurement justification, and at the end of all of that, you’ll still be under a lot of pressure from lines of business to do better.

Technology Should Be Simple


To be able to react to new demand instantly and have the peace of mind that capacity will never run out, performance will remain consistent, and that all of this can be done in a defined and optimized way means your people can now focus on the truly strategic.

How Pure Storage Can Help You Succeed with Digital Transformation

At Pure Storage, we want to help nurture and facilitate ways to get the most from your people. Our offerings are the ideal foundation for a next-gen, digital transformation-ready stack. From our Evergreen™ portfolio of subscriptions to our AI-powered monitoring tools, Pure’s products are designed to share risk and perform some of those repeatable but necessary tasks as part of your efficient and effective IT service ecosystem.

Work with Our Digital Transformation Consultants

And, you won’t have to do it on your own. At Pure, we have ex-CIOs, CTOs, and CFOs, seasoned transformation professionals, and business consultants in our numbers. These senior personas have worked on the customer side and the supplier side, and you’ll benefit directly from their real-world experience. They’re ready to listen, help you to define transformation goals, and more importantly, help you to develop the approaches to achieve them. We can help you:

  • Evolve budgeting structures from traditional purchase/capital investment methods to service consumption and subscription models
  • Prepare for governance and audit points
  • Build a transformation vision and strategy and structuring programs

Partner with Pure Storage on your digital transformation journey and we’ll help you mitigate risks and optimize your productivity so your most valuable resource—your people—can get creative and really start to innovate.

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