Digital Bytes is where we round up a treasure trove of tips and tricks, best practices, and shortcuts to getting more out of your storage infrastructure. 

Join Matt Bradford, Director of Technical Marketing at Pure Storage, to stay in the know and ahead of the curve:

  • Are You Ready for FlashArray//XL™?: Congrats, your organization is growing! But now you need to figure out exactly how to expand your storage and determine what upgrades will sustain your growth with Pure1®. In this episode, we show you how to predict the future and how to know it’s time to upgrade to the “storage-us maximus” FlashArray//XL.
  • Pure1® and Hot Wings – Spicing Up Your Pure Data Resiliency: This episode gets spicy when Matt and Ralph eat insanely hot wings as they take the Data Protection Assessment in Pure1. The assessment can help you maximize data resiliency with Pure Storage from disasters such as accidental data deletion and ransomware. Now that’s hot!
  • Perform Your Own FlashArray Upgrades: It’s all about you. Pure1 is a powerful management tool from Pure Storage that now includes the capability to perform your own FlashArray upgrades on your own time. See how Pure1 transforms complex enterprise storage infrastructures into simple self-managed environments. 
  • Storage Chargeback with Pure1 (Part 1): How can you secure better funding for things like your infrastructure, training, elaborate offsites, conferences, lab environments, or, say, pizza parties?!? There’s no better way to do that than by implementing chargeback for your Pure Storage fleet. You’ll learn the basics in this episode, the first in a two-parter. 
  • Turning Up the Volume on Capacity Management in Pure1: Can your storage predict the future? Now it can, with Pure1’s new volume capacity management features. You’ll see where you’re running low on capacity and where you have an excess–and even get recommendations for when to upgrade or expand your storage. Learn how in this episode.  
  • Efficiency SLA for Your STaaS: Working hard to go green? Check out Evergreen//One™, Pure’s all-flash storage as a service (STaaS), which features the industry’s first energy efficiency service level agreement (SLA). It’s the perfect choice to help you reach your sustainability and energy savings goals. 
  • Don’t Play Games with Your File Data, FA File Services Explained: Building unified storage on legacy architectures can feel like balancing blocks with the constant risk that everything will come crashing down. Truly unified block and file solves this balancing act by giving you a global pool of storage resources to natively deliver storage services and end the storage balancing act.

In case you missed it, be sure to catch up on the latest episode:

  • Faster Data Recovery Through Anomaly Detection: Pure1 now includes anomaly detection to identify sudden drops in data reduction ratios across all of your data volumes. This information can indicate data loss such as ransomware and can be critical in recovering your data as soon as possible.