Technology leaders already recognise the core benefits of moving to a cloud-based service. This isn’t a change that has taken place overnight, or without concern, caution, and perhaps some suspicion. Leaders are considering or already executing their cloud strategy.

 We’re adopting similar changes in our personal lives and how we spend our own money. For example, there’s been an explosion of subscription services in recent years. Most of us subscribe to services such as Netflix, Spotify, Microsoft 365, Apple iCloud, and others.

 These types of services have changed our mindset toward ownership of CDs, DVDs, and software. We’ve become accustomed to the convenience of easy access to all of our photographs whenever we want them, wherever we are. We’re already aligned to the consumption of subscription services and the benefits of having someone else maintain the service and keep it updated with new features and the latest advances in technology.

 Our cash reserves are finite; unexpected expenses can have a major impact. As a result, more people are seeking the convenience of subscriptions for big-ticket items that traditionally fall under the banner of ownership, such as cars.

 For these large investments, the traditional personal loan or lease agreement no longer offers the flexibility we desire. While these options preserve cash reserves, they also have interest payment costs. Yet, they don’t provide any added usage benefits. They effectively still equate to “ownership” based on how the car is utilised. Consider the following terms that are fairly standard in lease agreements:

  • If usage increases, you’ll have to pay excess mileage fees.
  • There will be an increase to your lease payments to cover the new consumption rate and it will be fixed for the remainder of the term with no credit for unused mileage, or a large payment at the end that rolls into the next vehicle lease and increases ongoing costs.
  • If the car no longer suits your needs, you can’t switch to a different model without ending the agreement early and incurring penalties and fees. You’ll have to put down a new deposit and start a new contract.
  • The burden of maintenance often resides with the customer. You’ll have to pay for and absorb increasing costs as the car ages.

 Map this scenario to your standard CAPEX-driven data storage refresh and the very same limitations and risks apply:

  • What’s the risk to your costs if your requirements change during your term?
  • Will you be paying for additional installed capacity from day 1 for something that might occur in the second or third year?
  • Once the warranty expires, are there large increases in maintenance costs for the fourth and fifth years?
  • What new business is around the corner? Do you have the agility to price and accommodate unplanned events that increase consumption?
  • What happens if you decide to move these workloads to the cloud and are left with unused on-premises equipment?

In today’s uncertain climate, organisations need real flexibility. They need a data storage subscription option that delivers:

  • The latest technology at very little initial cost
  • A minimum, flexible usage commitment
  • Discounted rates for a short contract term with all maintenance costs included
  • The ability to move applications to the cloud under the same subscription

Organisations also need the agility to absorb unplanned events by temporarily increasing consumption at standard pricing rates or commit to the new minimum at the original discounted rate. 

If the original model no longer fits your requirements, you should be able to downsize or upgrade for a small change in unit pricing. When your subscription expires, wouldn’t it be great if you could renew with the same rates, terms, and conditions? Or be able to extend for a longer period and take advantage of the latest pricing and additional features with the newest model.

Pure as-a-Service™ provides a simple, flexible subscription model with one set of storage services. It’s easy to get in and ramp-up as needed. You can create the ideal subscription scenario based on your organization’s storage needs. With Pure as-a-Service, you can have your cake and eat it too.