The current global supply chain challenge, as disruptive as it is, has one silver lining: It’s reminded us to recognize the daily superstars who keep us comfortable, safe, and happy; people on the front lines of our supply chains, factory and dock workers, shipping clerks and inventory managers, truckers and logistics personnel, retailers and support personnel, all of whom we’ve come to appreciate as the critical path for our essential goods and services.

Similarly, IT administrators are the critical path that keeps an organization’s complex IT infrastructure running at maximum efficiency. Their value is not to be underestimated. That’s why we’re recognizing them with a fun, animated series featuring our own data center superhero, François FlashStack.


In our first episode, debuting at Cisco Live, François defeats common productivity disrupters by successfully deploying a powerful VMware environment to address the needs of his ever-growing constituency. Luckily, François runs FlashStack®-based infrastructure that makes virtualization easy!

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing new episodes of the Adventures of François FlashStack in which our hero tackles common issues faced by IT administrators everywhere. Look for new adventures at the end of each week (#FrancoisFriday).

Introducing the New X-Series-based FlashStack

One of the reasons our intrepid admin is able to accomplish so much is the new UCS X-Series-based FlashStack. Together, Cisco and Pure Storage® have removed the inherent complexity of deploying and managing far-flung hybrid landscapes.

We combined our industry-leading software-defined, AI-managed hybrid cloud platform, FlashStack, with a robust portfolio of applications and workloads. And we support it all with Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) and a “subscription-native,” best-of-breed architecture.

In fact, FlashStack was specifically designed from the ground up to support subscription services. FlashStack as-a-Service ensures you never pay for more than you need and never get caught without the horsepower you require.


So instead of managing data centers, our customers’ IT teams focus on innovation and creating greater efficiencies and competitive advantage for their organizations.

Solutions That Uncomplicate Data Management

In addition to the new FlashStack, some of the solutions we’ll showcase at Cisco Live include:

  • Portworx®: Did you know FlashStack is the only UCS stack with an integrated Kubernetes platform managed by Cisco Intersight? Not to mention, Portworx is ranked as the GigaOm Radar Outperformer for Kubernetes Data Storage!
  • Epic for healthcare: FlashStack is one of the healthcare industry’s most popular platforms for both running and hosting Epic. It works equally well with Meditech. Reduce risk and improve management of patient care with a proven healthcare leader.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Interested in making innovation faster, simpler, and easier to manage? Stop by booth #1554 to talk with our Pure Storage IaC gurus and see live demos of how your DevOps teams can use IaC to deploy new solutions more rapidly than ever.
  • Superior data protection: Pure Storage is an industry leader with SafeMode™ immutable protection that neutralizes ransomware. Add Rapid Recovery and FlashArray//C for highly efficient backup and your data is always available. Couple this with solutions from strategic partners like Veeam and cybersecurity from Cisco, and FlashStack becomes one of the safest platforms for your critical applications and data.
  • More efficient database management: One of the biggest headaches for DB admins is database sprawl. It creates needless duplication, management complexity, and unnecessary expenses. Whether you’re running SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA, one of the open source databases, or all of the above, FlashStack with FlashArray//XL easily consolidates out-of-control database instances on a single, efficient platform designed to reduce costly management overhead.
  • “Optane Times Two”: FlashStack is one of the only full-stack solutions that can leverage Intel Optane in both the compute and storage layers. Optane Persistent Memory Modules (DCPMM) can replace additional expensive DRAM on the compute side, and DirectMemory Cache (Optane SSD) reduces latency of tiered data on the storage side. Together, they help improve TCO of traditional databases, in-memory databases such as SAP HANA, and open-source databases such as MySQL and MongoDB.
  • FlashStack as-a-Service: Align costs to business and always remain current with FlashStack as-a-Service powered by Cisco+ Hybrid Cloud and Pure Storage Evergreen//One™. Reduce risk with the most mature storage-as-a-service offer in the industry. Upgrade non-disruptively, never be caught without needed capacity, and manage it all from Cisco Intersight.

Along with our solutions showcase, this year we have a robust Booth Theater schedule with expert presentations from Pure engineers and product managers, as well as strategic partners, such as Cisco, Intel, Veeam, and Red Hat.

Meet Pure Storage at Cisco Live

Come hear about simplifying hybrid cloud infrastructure at Cisco’s World of Solutions stages:

Think Tank Session: Cloud Native for Enterprise with Cisco Internight Kubernetes Service & Portworx by Pure Storage,” June 13 at 5:20pm-5:50pm, World of Solutions – Content Corner 2

Solutions Theater:Simplifying IT with the New World of FlashStack Solutions,” June 14 at 3:05pm-3:15pm, World of Solutions – Content Corner 1

Visit Pure’s Solutions Showcase to learn more about the #1 UCS full-stack platform and how we uncomplicate your data.

On Wednesday, June 15, we’ll be hosting a “Hoppy” Hour from 4pm-5pm in our booth. Please stop by to share a beverage with our experts and talk about your organization’s needs. Find us at Booth #1554 and Park Strip #1451

While you’re there, take a selfie with Francois FlashStack, the IT Superhero.

Francois Flashstack

See you in Vegas!