At Citrix Synergy, it was music to our ears hearing how simplicity was a key factor for our customers and partners to decide on Pure Storage for their VDI infrastructure. Since VDI admins can deploy our storage arrays with minimal training and no performance tuning, many organizations are starting to “double down” on Pure Storage.

As one of our larger energy customers told us, “Pure Storage saved my life!” By deploying VDI with Citrix, Pure and NVIDIA for graphically intense desktops, his team was able to free up time, reduce headaches, and gain vastly improved VDI performance. So if you’re looking for a “sure bet” after your trip to Las Vegas, look no further than Pure Storage + Citrix for your VDI solution.

Indeed, with results released right after the show, I’m excited to announce our Pure Storage FlashArray//m has been verified under the rigorous supervision of the Citrix Ready VDI Capacity Validation Program Phase II. Based on this latest round of testing, Pure delivered superior VDI performance with sub-millisecond latency at the exceptional cost of $49/desktop for storage (1).

VDI infrastructure

Our partner, Siddharth Rabindran, Director, Citrix Ready Program shared his excitement:

“Congratulations on successfully completing the Citrix Ready VDI Capacity Validation Program – Phase II. We launched this program with the objective to enable our storage partners to demonstrate their VDI capabilities via a self-validation process. The program was designed with the goal to define the VDI storage workload without reaching storage latency threshold and to do so with a cost-effective design. We are pleased to announce Pure Storage as a valuable, successful partner that has completed the validation program, based on the results from the required test cases.”

Check out the Citrix report about how “How Pure Storage Complements Citrix XenDesktop”, which features Citrix XenDesktop Provisioning Services validating 1,500 users on a FlashArray//m20.  In these tests, our Pure Storage array used only 59 percent of its capacity to address the 1,500 simulated VDI users.

Translating these results, here’s what this could mean in your data center:

With only 59 percent utilized capacity, not only could you easily handle 1,500 VDI users, you could also add more users (~up to 2500 on the same array) or consolidate additional workloads to the same storage array taking up only 3u of rack space!

FlashArray has been validated to virtualize and consolidate multiple Tier-1 applications including VDI, database, and email. From a business value point of view, you would then gain even more amazing TCO and ROI improvements beyond what this Citrix validation included.

We recently expanded our Pure Storage family with options aimed squarely at small to midsize organizations and department-level purchases at larger organizations.  With the newly announced FlashArray//m10 (sub-$50K) and FlashStack Mini, a fully functional converged infrastructure stack with Cisco® clocking in under $100K, these new “mini” options provide excellent value for mid-market customers considering Citrix XenDesktop for VDI.

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To accelerate your Citrix VDI deployments, we warmly welcome you to reach out to our team.  For more info about our work with Citrix and success stories from our mutual customers, visit our joint solutions page here with our thanks for checking us out.

  1. Pricing as of December 2015, subject to change without notice