Data PlatfromWhy would an SAP Basis person, ABAP developer, head of applications or even the CIO truly cares about what is powering their mission critical SAP application? Because they truly believe in SAP’s messaging around running SAP simple, but need the underlying infrastructure to support that promise.

Every SAP system, traditional ECC, SAP HANA or even the new technology around cloud, Big Data and IoT requires an end-to-end infrastructure that is simple to setup, simple to run and maintain and simply fully supports all new SAP features to make it cost effective and efficient.

A lot of customers told us in a survey that it simply takes them too long to setup a new infrastructure to ultimately deploy SAP workloads. It is the configuration, optimization and interdependencies that make it very hard to deploy SAP simple and it is a part of the entire SAP infrastructure. Now what would be the solution to reduce the time to deployment is simply an architecture that does not require all these pre-deployment work to run SAP efficiently.

That’s what you get with all-flash solutions from Pure. No configuration needed to optimize the infrastructure to run various SAP workloads with different block sizes and requirements on the infrastructure to make the interaction between functional and infrastructure side seamless. Customers reported to save more than 50% of time and resources to setup a brand new environment for their mixed SAP workloads.

And the best part is that it stays that way, so in case you want to start with a traditional workload and later add SAP HANA workloads, you don’t have to go back to the drawing board to configure and setup the infrastructure to run most efficiently with the best performance possible. Simply deploy any SAP workload without time consuming optimization and configuration tasks. It is so simple that customers reported that the SAP teams can setup their infrastructure environment on their own, without worrying about making mistakes or misconfigurations.

C9JDx_MUIAAXjpgThat’s just the start. Now imagine the same environment that makes SAP deployments super simple to also run simple when upgrading hardware or software components.

Analysts estimate the monetary loss when SAP goes offline to $10,000 or more per minute. That’s a steep cost factor if SAP systems need to go down for modernization for hours or even days. These tasks can easily go into the thousands and millions of dollars wasted.

What if the infrastructure architecture will allow any upgrade of hardware or software while running SAP under full performance workloads? Need more space in your array? More memory? Upgrading the controller to the next CPU architecture? Want to upgrade SSD modules for more efficiency and better performance? Or ultimately want to run SAP on NVMe, a low latency, high performance technology that will allow SAP response times to be in the sub-millisecond area and unprecedented performance that support and speed-up even very memory intensive SAP HANA workloads or IoT/Big Data environments. If your answers is “yes, would love to have such an environment, since it would save me tremendous downtime cost and risk,” Evergreen™ is for you.

Running SAP simple is not just an effort when setting, maintaining and continuously running SAP workloads, but also for day-to-sap-hana-white-paper-sap-coverday tasks like copy, cloning or refreshing SAP systems. Of course simple SAP would presume all these features and functions out-of-the-box by the infrastructure, why Pure’s Data Platform with its included and integrated storage and server components provide exactly all these features at no additional cost, fully integrated and ready-to-use. Imagine also simplifying SAP data management fully integrated into the infrastructure for automation and further simplification.

We also publish white papers, jointly with SAP explaining the simplification in more details that can even reduce SAP licensing dramatically up to 75%:

Pure Storage – SAP