Tech integrations can create a broader perspective, double the experience pool, and merge two sets of expertise. For customers, the result can be exponential gain.

Case in point: Our partnership with Veritas and joint commitment to increase ransomware resilience helped drive Veritas NetBackup™ integration with Pure FlashBlade™ SafeMode.

Ransomware Resilience: Enhanced Protection For Your Data

Together, we developed a new solution to deliver rapid restore, mitigation, and recovery from ransomware attacks. The Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform combined with Pure Storage FlashBlade® SafeMode snapshots provides at-scale, orchestrated data recovery, and creates valuable layers of defense to minimize downtime and maintain ransomware resilience – even in worst-case scenarios. The benefits include:

  •         High-performance backup and recovery
  •         Integrated mitigation and recovery from ransomware
  •         Greater storage efficiency
  •         Full integration with Veritas NetBackup advanced deduplication features

SafeMode, a feature of Pure FlashBlade, creates read-only snapshots of backup data and associated metadata catalogs. NetBackup manages and orchestrates these snapshots and offloads them to a FlashBlade where they are secured against ransomware using SafeMode. A differentiating human-factor authentication ensures that the recovery process is further secured.

Dive deeper into the solution overview in our technical white paper “Ransomware Protection with Pure and Veritas.”

Support for a “3-2-1” Backup Strategy

The Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform with FlashBlade SafeMode also enables you to maintain the “3-2-1” backup strategy recommended by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. This means maintaining three copies of data on two different media types, with one off site. With SafeMode snapshots, you can generate multiple copies of your data and store an additional backup to an immutable cloud or tape. This backup strategy provides two layers of data protection with NetBackup Auto Image Replication, providing built-in replication features and Veritas Resiliency Platform supporting at-scale, automated recovery.

A First Line of Defense

The most effective ransomware resilience includes a strong frontline of defense. Pure Storage FlashArray integrates with the Veritas Enterprise Data Service Platform, including APTARE™ IT analytics to provide cross-system data and infrastructure information in customizable, single-pane user interfaces. From these dashboards, you can be alerted to potential data compromise and pinpoint snapshot timing to ensure a complete recovery.

Right-sized Recovery 

In today’s data-driven world, you need a comprehensive backup strategy to maintain business continuity that protects against natural disasters and human error, as well as increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats.

Implementing FlashBlade SafeMode snapshots with Veritas NetBackup Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP) provides deduplication options that let you deduplicate data everywhere, as close to the source of data as you require. MSDP enables you to reduce:

  • The amount of data that is stored
  • Backup bandwidth
  • Backup windows
  • Infrastructure

With the MSDP option, you can choose at which point in the backup process you want to perform deduplication. NetBackup can manage your deduplication wherever you implement it in the backup stream.

The unique partnership between Veritas and Pure delivers this with a two-in-one solution that provides layers of ransomware resilience. The result is less downtime and—most important—greater peace of mind which is hopefully music to your ears.

Learn more about how to protect your business from Ransomware attacks with FlashBlade and our joint solutions with Veritas.