Attacks on your data become more sophisticated every day. They have evolved to deleting precious snapshots and backups before they can be protected, leveraging holes in management complexity and time to respond.

Best-in-class protection has also evolved – by ensuring data security is always-on. Pure Storage® continues to lead in immutable storage solutions by ensuring all data is protected from attack, on-creation and without the risk from error-prone management cycles or vulnerabilities from stale software updates.

Today, with the release of Purity//FA 6.3, protection becomes an integral part of storing data – not a feature you enable. Auto-on SafeMode adds out-of-the-box protection that is always on, without the need to change your setup, environment, or process. In the past, Purity SafeMode has protected thousands of customers with the industry’s strongest immutable solution. Now with Auto-on SafeMode, that protection is on by default, which means your data will be automatically protected. Even when malware has compromised storage APIs to try to find and programmatically delete all snapshots and backups, Auto-on SafeMode will provide immutable protection.

Auto-on SafeMode protection policies also include object protection granularity, enabling customers to choose which data is protected upon creation. This fine tunes secondary storage based on the importance of the applications or data needing protection. For example, when creating testing environments, you can simply apply a policy to exclude it from protection due to the low business value of the data. Moving staging into production to be under your default protection policy is a simple configuration change .

Granular control goes beyond volumes. To ensure you’re not adding significant overhead, you can exclude temporary snapshots. And to provide granular change management to prevent errors at scale, Auto-on SafeMode supports multi-party authentication. Security shouldn’t require one-size-fits-all compromise.

Auto-on SafeMode

The best protection also combines simplicity with non-disruption. Purity 6.3 simplifies protection even further by integrating continuous replication across both file and block. And it allows you to test failover without disrupting applications or workloads, increasing your confidence in new protection mechanisms that have no effect on your existing, continual replication. Now it’s simple to set up an entire disaster recovery plan and enable single-click failover. As new block or file data are added, your plan just keeps incorporating it.

With Self-Service Updates, you can also guarantee that your fleet is always current. This lets you control your non-disruptive security updates, so your storage software is protected against the latest, ever-evolving threats. Out-of-date software provides openings for attack, but alternative software upgrades have been disruptive, complex, and painful to schedule, making it challenging to patch vulnerabilities fast enough.

Now you can automate and control when and what you want to upgrade, with no complex workflows–backed by Pure guarantees of success and up-time.

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