Simplify Cloud Mobility for Cloud-Native and Traditional Apps

Adoption of cloud-native applications continues to grow, but managing data for Kubernetes workloads is still a challenge for many organizations. See how Pure can help.

Enterprise adoption of cloud-native applications continues to grow, and with that, there’s an increasing need for scale and reliability of these applications across on-premises and public-cloud environments. Gartner predicts that cloud-native platforms will serve as the foundation for over 95% of new digital initiatives by 2025. This trend is being echoed across the industry, including recently at AWS re:Invent in Vegas with the announcement of AWS Marketplace for Containers and the launch of Karpenter for auto scaling Kubernetes clusters.

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More and more businesses are now leveraging containers and Kubernetes in production. Even though Amazon EKS and Kubernetes provide great support for orchestration on the application level, managing data for Kubernetes workloads continues to be a challenge as businesses look to scale and run business-critical stateful applications.

In his AWS re:Invent session, “Kubernetes Made Simple with Portworx on Amazon EKS ,” Murli Thirumale, VP and GM of Portworx by Pure Storage, discussed challenges faced by data-rich Kubernetes applications and how Portworx® partners with AWS to address them. In case you missed it, check out the session recording to watch Murli talk about use cases, such as:

  • Migrating containerized applications to AWS
  • Container-granular, app-aware backup and restore to Amazon S3
  • Simplifying CI/CD with highly available, performant Jenkins deployment on EKS

At Pure, we’ve built a rich portfolio of data services designed from the ground up to support mission-critical applications.

Over the last few months, we’ve taken significant steps to help accelerate cloud mobility for your cloud-native, as well as traditional, applications. These include the ability to:

  • Run Kubernetes anywhere. The idea here is to develop applications once and run them anywhere—any Kubernetes distribution on any cloud and any infrastructure back end. Portworx provides a common computing platform for Amazon EKS Anywhere. With this, we’re bringing a secure and highly-available  storage layer that provides consistent management across hybrid-cloud environments.
  • Protect any workload (block or file). A Kubernetes-native backup solution needs to be container granular and Kubernetes namespace-aware, able to provide application-consistent backup, and optimized for multicloud PX-Backups gives you exactly that for all your workloads regardless of the type of storage they consume. Check out this blog post to learn how PX-Backup can help you back up Amazon EFS file shares.
  • Simplify cloud migration. Today’s cloud environments are dynamic. They leverage infrastructure and tools across on-premises, edge, and public-cloud data centers. As a result, mobility of applications and data has become an important consideration for agility and accelerated business transformation. By using AWS Application Migration Service with Pure Cloud Block Store™, you can simplify and speed up migration of your VM-based applications.

At Pure, we’re committed to delivering the cloud experience everywhere so that you can accelerate your business goals and build a future-ready cloud strategy. Learn more about how Pure can help you overcome data gravity by delivering a Modern Data Experience™ for any application, on any infrastructure.