This post was published in 2018. Read the latest on FlashArray//XL.

In the short time since Accelerate, the new FlashArray//X family has been shipped to hundreds of customers, while AIRI™ with FlashBlade and NVIDIA have changed the game for Pure customers deploying AI/ML workloads. We’ve been working hard to bring new announced features to the Pure1 GA as well, including the snapshot catalog and array tagging.

Here’s a status update on some of the new Pure1 features.

Snapshot Catalog

Up until now, you couldn’t see individual volumes’ snapshots in Pure1 – you had to monitor things at a pgroup level. Well that’s now a thing of the past with the new snapshot catalog! This feature was launched last week, so head over to the new Protection page in Pure1 and play around with it – it should be just as easy to use as anything else Pure. Integration with the Global Filter Bar makes drilling down to the exact volumes, filesystems, or snapshots you’re looking for a breeze.

Along with the snapshot catalog, we’ve updated the Dashboard as well. This brings new widgets that allow you to monitor the protection of your volumes and filesystems.

Array Tagging

This feature may not have made it into the spotlight at Accelerate, but it’s certainly a handy feature. With Array Tagging, Pure1 Admins can access a new Tags view in the Arrays page. Add custom tags to your arrays one at a time, or you can multi-select to apply a tag across multiple arrays simultaneously. Once you’ve applied the tags, they will show up in the Global Filter Bar for every authorized member of your org to use.

Array Tagging Pure1

VM Analytics

This one was one of the bigger announcements for Pure1 that we’ve been working on and it’s rolling right along. We’re well on our way into the beta (ask your account reps if you’d like to join!) and customer feedback is extremely positive so far. We’ve been able to implement a good amount of the beta feedback so far and this product is on track to be delivered in 2018.

Previous Pure1 Announcements

In addition to our //Accelerate 2018 announcements, we announced and shipped very cool and innovative features earlier in 2018 and 2017.  Check out these blogs in case you want to catch up on the innovation we’ve shared in the last 12 months.

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  • Natural Disasters – Our Responsibility to turn Pure Support “up to 11” 9/21/2017
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  • Introducing Pure1 Meta: Pure’s AI Platform to Enable Self-Driving Storage 6/13/2017

Pure1® is growing fast – and this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as new features. We’ve got some pretty big things planned for the near future so keep checking in!