What the old guard didn’t mention is that they were also leading the industry at something else — losing market share.

For the past several years, Dell’s collection of acquired storage assets dropped share faster than any vendor in the business. The team at NetApp is celebrating because they lost only a couple of percentage points (which in context, perhaps feels like winning). We look forward to seeing this annual report, as the data illustrates again that Pure Storage is consistently gaining market share in enterprise storage over the last five years. That’s because we deliver something nobody else does — always-on product innovation, a customer-first business model, and world-class customer experience.

This all results in remarkable industry accolades and unprecedented customer loyalty as demonstrated by independent research. Best of all, our customers have been more than willing to share their perspective:

  • “Lightning-fast storage up and running in two hours. The system is fast and stable, leaving me with no trouble.” IT Manager in Finance Industry
  • “Evergreen maintenance option guarantees that we will be able to stay up-to-date with new technology every three years. The investment will continue to pay off.” CIO in Government 
  • “Best Support in the industry, Pure sets a new bar for everyone else to achieve!” CIO in Education

We have many more case studies that show how companies are embracing Pure and getting great business results. That customer loyalty is also demonstrated in our Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our score has increased every year for four years in a row and currently stands at an industry-leading and certified 86.6.

Not only have we taken share, but our unique storage innovation has disrupted traditional storage to result in a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) above 65% in the last four years (FY15-19). Meanwhile, the Enterprise Storage Market has grown just over 1% in that same time frame.

Pure’s continued investments are centered on the key growth areas that are most important to you, our customers. Our focus on areas including cloud, consolidated architectures, AI/analytics, and data protection will further accelerate our growth and put us on a path to be in the top five in storage by the end of 2020.