Enterprises need better cloud data management. Why?

Today, hybrid and multi-cloud is a new reality for IT teams, with exploding volumes of data sprawling across multiple clouds, on-premises, IoT networks, social and mobile applications. Hybrid cloud strategies don’t guarantee success unless built on a robust data foundation from the ground-up. However, the data-related conversations are usually centered around applications only, undermining the data storage and infrastructure layer.

Enterprises need a holistic, well-integrated data architecture that aligns data storage, VMs and applications encompassing multiple clouds and on-premises. Pure helps address that challenge by unifying cloud and empowering IT to build applications that run seamlessly across hybrid infrastructure. Pure’s best-in-class solutions and products help enterprises to harness innovation with cloud economies of scale and agility without giving up on traditional on-premises investments.

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Introducing: Cloud Data Management Services from Pure1

Today, we’re excited to introduce Pure Storage® cloud data services to help bridge the two worlds of cloud and on-premises and enable customers to more easily embrace a hybrid cloud architecture. Pure cloud data services run natively on the public cloud like AWS and pave the way for more traditional enterprise applications to migrate to the cloud and deliver new cloud storage capabilities for webscale applications.

Pure Storage® cloud data infrastructure and cloud data services provide unified and seamless experience along with the Pure1®, cloud data management layer delivering a common control plane and set of consistent APIs, making managing storage simple and consistent everywhere.

Pure1® is a cloud data management platform powered by Pure1 Meta™, Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Machine Learning (ML) engine, which monitors and optimizes hybrid data storage infrastructure across multiple private and public clouds.

Core tenets making Pure1® the next generation cloud data management platform for efficient and optimized storage infrastructure:


Pure1: Full control from any device

Automate your data storage management with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based forecasting of capacity and performance needs over time, intelligent workload planner and hardware upgrades. Workload Planner delivers insights using AI to better understand their environments and identify optimization opportunities. Workload DNA modeling predicts array capacity and performance, model hardware upgrades, and preview IT environment based on workload changes. Predictive Support for continuous monitoring and proactive resolution of issues before they become problems facilitating seamless functioning and upgrades. Using real-time scanning for fingerprints across trillions of telemetry data, Pure1® continuously protects arrays from known vulnerabilities and alerts customers of potential issues beyond the array that may have an impact on performance. Pure1® mobile app makes it easy to manage storage from any device at any time via a simple user experience, predictive intelligence embedded in a native mobile experience for iPhone and Android devices.


Manage and monitor enterprise data spanning multiple cloud platforms and on-premises from a centralized dashboard providing a global view of all snapshots using Snapshot Catalog, whether the target is FlashArrays™, FlashBlades™, Cloud Block Stores , another NFS target or S3 target. Purity CloudSnap™ maximizes the cloud’s potential for backup storage with intelligent and efficient data transfer to and from the clouds. Take advantage of a consistent REST API with one authentication across all arrays to access data directly from the Pure1® Manage service. Using flexible and open-source frameworks like Swagger, developers can easily discover existing arrays across the org. Using the Pure1 REST API developers enjoy full access to historical performance and capacity data including FlashArray Load, version, model, volume, snapshots, pods, file systems, network interfaces and other metrics.

Pure1 Snapshot Catalog


Pure1 Card View showing Cloud Block Store

Full-stack Analytics

Get critical information about the health and performance of infrastructure stack, right up to an individual VM. Troubleshooting VM performance issues has been a challenging problem for VM Admins. Given the inter-dependencies among virtualization, compute, network, and storage layers, getting to the heart of the problem is an arduous and tricky problem to solve. To help solve this problem, VM Analytics delivers a full stack analysis capability which includes performance troubleshooting and topology discovery.

Learn more about Pure1® capabilities – download the datasheet or read the technical blogs.

At Pure, it is our vision to enable true hybrid cloud infrastructure with extraordinary performance and reliability married with ease of use.