I love when Pure Storage partners help customers go green. Over the past several years, there has been an increased focus put on the nonfinancial environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors that businesses consider when identifying material risks and growth opportunities. It’s not just limited to when companies are upgrading or changing technology. Investors use ESG factors to evaluate where to place bets for good portfolio performance. To Pure Storage, it also means there are great opportunities for our partners to bring more sustainable solutions to customers, faster, than those offered by competitors today.

I’m not at all surprised. In fact, I’m thrilled that Pure’s founding design principles (developed more than a decade ago) of doing more with less can help customers have a more efficient and sustainable infrastructure, both immediately and over many years. For example, Pure FlashArraylowers energy usage by up to 85% compared to competitive all-flash systems—and even more against magnetic disk. Fast forward to June 2022 when we introduced FlashBlade//S™ and its all-QLC design that delivers more performance in a smaller footprint while using less power. Then there’s our DirectFlash® technology that delivers unparalleled density and efficiency from flash. This means customers see significant energy reductions above what is possible with solid-state drives (SSDs). 

In many places around the world where power consumption is restricted, companies must make critical decisions on which systems get prioritized to keep the business in operation. With this in mind, Pure Storage designs technology that requires a smaller energy footprint. We understand this crucial decision point and work with partners to deliver solutions that keep businesses running efficiently and continuously. We’re so dedicated to providing sustainable solutions that our partners can earn a badge after they complete specific training and engagement requirements on ESG, providing visual confirmation of their knowledge to customers and prospects.  

I could go on, but I think you get the idea that Pure Storage technology is built smarter and designed to last longer. It’s what our customers and partners demand.  

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It’s Simple and Sustainable

More and more, we’re collaborating with our partners to amplify the efficiency and sustainability of our data storage solutions. A case in point is our partnership with Wipro where we leverage our mutual commitments to greener IT.

Our joint customer, Innovapost, is the winner of the 2023 Pure Good Sustainability Award. They use Wipro as their Managed Services Provider, running FlashStack® from Pure Storage and Cisco for greater sustainability and energy savings. This investment brings Canada one step closer to its 2050 environmental goals. Leveraging Pure Storage and Wipro, Innovapost has already been able to: 

  • Shrink their data center storage footprint by 97%.
  • Reduce carbon emissions by over 93% – equivalent to 126 homes electricity usage, or 216 ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars driven for a year.
  • Avoid complex upgrades with the Pure Storage Evergreen//Forever™ solution’s three-year, non-disruptive, auto refresh of storage hardware.
  • Respond to changing business needs quickly to allow more creativity and innovation thanks to the secure and reliable infrastructure built on FlashStack.

FlashStack is a modern hybrid cloud platform that has been redesigned from the ground up to provide superior sustainability and reduced energy consumption. It does this via greater density of both compute and storage redesigned cooling, more efficient power supply, best-in-class data reduction, and reduced e-waste.   

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We’ve planned for this type of infrastructure solution since day one. And we’re delivering on this vision, both figuratively and literally.

Order In–Order Up–Order Delivered

I’ll be the first to admit that the last few years have been tough on companies across all industries and of all sizes. Why? Two words:

Supply chain.

Supply chain challenges have caused many product deliveries to be delayed for weeks, months, or even longer and has led to countless unhappy customers. At Pure Storage, our approach to designing and managing our global supply chain mirrors that of our technology: Keep it simple, keep it sustainable, and minimize potential problems. Our laser focus on a simplified and highly responsive architecture has helped reduce cost and e-waste and, in turn, alleviate supply chain concerns. 

Approximately 97% of arrays deployed six years ago are still in service today, thanks to our Evergreen//Forever™ program. Why is this important? Consider that the World Economic Forum estimates the world will generate roughly 81.6 million tons of e-waste by 2030. By keeping arrays deployed longer, businesses can reduce their e-waste and need to replace technology.

Pure Storage also continues to ship products and solutions faster than most others in the industry. We’re proud of our ability to deliver products within several weeks of accepting an order. Our goal is to enable partners to help customers be as productive, efficient, and sustainable as possible, as quickly as possible.

Making It Right, Right Now

I’ve just touched the surface of the importance of ESG to our partners and customers today. We have more to do as we continue to deliver products and solutions that help save power, floor space, and expense while reducing e-waste and the impact on the environment. Take a look at our new ESG report and reach out to us to learn how Pure Storage and our partners can help you achieve your efficiency and sustainability goals sooner, rather than later.