When Canadian citizens were asked to build a greener future, Innovapost answered the call. Innovapost, in partnership with Wipro—Innovapost’s data center IT infrastructure managed service provider—and Pure Storage, refreshed its storage technology to meet increased demand while helping the country move towards its 2050 climate goals. 

A Sustainability Stamp of Approval

Since implementing Pure Storage® FlashArray//XL™ and FlashStack® as the foundation for its hybrid cloud storage, Innovapost has cut data center CO2 emissions by more than 93% compared to its legacy storage. It has also reduced the storage footprint in its data center by an impressive 97% with FlashArray//XL, going from 378 rack units to five. As a result, power consumption in the data center has dropped dramatically, from over 207,633 kilowatts per year to just 10,738 kilowatts. 

Savings in rack space and power consumption have in turn reduced the storage cooling requirements by 92%, from over 250,000 to 20,825 BTUs per hour. And if that’s not impressive enough, Innovapost has done all of this while achieving 95% more storage capacity per watt and making IT storage operations up to four times faster. 

“We’ve been able to reduce our data center storage costs and environmental footprint while taking on heavier workloads and delivering superior technology services to every Canadian citizen,” says Nish Anjaria, technology and information lead at Innovapost. “To put these figures into perspective, the energy savings we’ve seen are equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 126 homes or 216 non-electric cars.”

Delivering a Successful Partnership 

Innovapost’s introduction to Pure Storage came via Wipro, its IT consulting partner. Wipro plays an integral role in Innovapost’s success, managing the agency’s Pure Storage arrays and helping it to bring its infrastructure strategies to life.

“We are extremely proud to have helped Innovapost implement the Pure Storage solution and move its sustainability efforts forward,” says Nirmal Gurumoorthy, director of account delivery at Wipro. “Our goal is to build partnerships that will help our customers achieve their goals, and Pure Storage was a natural fit from a technology and sustainability standpoint.”

Pushing the Performance Envelope

To add to its environmental wins, Innovapost has also streamlined its storage management with Pure Storage to make its IT operations more stable and efficient. “Storage upgrades were a challenge before,” recalls Anjaria. “We had to endure multi-hour downtimes to introduce a new component to our storage infrastructure.” With Evergreen//Forever™, the company can upgrade the entire fleet of arrays with no disruption to services. 

Based on the initial test results, Innovapost has seen major gains in speed and resiliency since moving to all-flash storage. For instance, latency for its Oracle Real Applications Cluster (RAC) has dropped to microseconds on FlashArray.

“The IT solutions we implement benefit every Canadian,” says Anjaria. “With Pure Storage and Wipro, we’ve taken things even further by delivering on that promise at the technical level while aligning our entire organization towards a more climate-friendly future. What more can you ask for?”  

What more indeed. Congratulations to Innovapost on winning the Pure Good Sustainability Award. We’re proud to be a part of your truly inspirational achievements. 

NOTE: Reference to commercial products or services does not constitute or imply an endorsement or recommendation by Innovapost. Data center statistics provided/validated by Wipro.