On Earth Day and every day, Pure Storage is committed to delivering products and services that help build a more sustainable future and enable customers to achieve their sustainability goals.


Happy Earth Day!

In celebration of Earth Day, we have a wonderful video where Pure Storage Executives and one of our key partners, Intel, talk about how we approach and implement sustainability into our overall business, goals, and philosophy. As a recognized leader in sustainable data storage, we are proud that we are embracing key principles of sustainability and social change.  Before we get to the video, let me explain why we are a leader.

Pure Storage is aware that Sustainability has become a top priority for many organizations. However, we also know that they’re facing several key issues and challenges when it comes to how they’re managing their sustainability activities, investments, and decisions. These include: 

  • Mandates such as regulatory requirements, which vary by country
  • Increased policy/reporting directives
  • The C-suite being held accountable for sustainability  
  • Customers looking for companies that integrate sustainability into their overall processes and operations as part of their buying decisions 
  • Workforce attraction—workers want to work for sustainability-focused companies 
  • Key stakeholders expecting organizations to do the right thing as it relates to sustainability

Understanding these challenges and how to help our customers—while helping the planet—is why Pure Storage is recognized as a leader in sustainability.  

We know that data centers use about 1%-3% of global energy, and storage is about 20%-25% of the energy within data centers. Data is growing exponentially, and AI will only continue to put increased pressure on data centers, energy requirements and usage.

With that, we are committed to building a greener future and creating technology, software, and subscription services that help our customers operate more efficiently and achieve their sustainability goals while providing hard-dollar savings.

Sustainability by Design 

At Pure Storage, this does not just happen. We don’t just talk about it. It’s ingrained in everything we do from how we operate to how we design our products. It’s our philosophy.  

We consider the end of life when designing our technology. We strongly believe in a standards-based life cycle analysis (LCA) approach, with its cradle-to-grave analysis. Our LCA provides valuable insights into the environmental impacts of our storage products, including manufacturing, transportation, assembly and testing, packaging, product use, and eventual disposal.

So, from sustainable design to installation and usage, to the end of life, we provide Sustainable Data Storage—by Design.

From the beginning and as part of the design of our technology, Pure Storage has been the pioneer of the all-flash data center. Compared to other storage technology, our products are smaller, denser, and weigh less.  

As a result, when installed and used, our technology requires less data center floor space and less rack space—producing a smaller footprint. Our storage arrays fit more data in less physical space than traditional storage products while delivering superior reliability for data management and more sustainable operations.

Storage-as-a-Service Increases Efficiency 

Our design + our unique storage-as-a-service (STaaS) subscription model provides a solution that evolves as needs and technology change. We pioneered an on-premises storage-as-a-service model, the Pure Storage® Evergreen® subscription portfolio, which offers unequaled choice and flexibility in how you purchase and consume storage.   

Our technology design (smaller, weighs less), software, and subscription services can help organizations manage their sustainability goals for e-waste. Pure Storage systems are designed for longevity and to avoid becoming obsolete. They can be upgraded modularly and non-disruptively for 10 or more years. This equates to less waste to be recycled or sent to a landfill—generating at least three times less e-waste than our competitors.

Consequently, we offer a platform that provides organizations with better operational efficiency and cost savings while helping them meet their sustainability goals.

In celebration of Earth Day and beyond, we invite you to view our Pure Storage Sustainability video.  We are focused on ensuring our actions have an impact and are good for the planet.  Enjoy!