If you’re hooked on podcasts, you won’t want to miss The Pure Report, a podcast series that brings you direct access to Pure Storage thought leaders, technology experts, alliance partners, customer insights, and our latest product news. 

Hosted by Rob Ludeman, Pure’s Senior Director of Solutions Strategy and Competitive Intelligence, the podcast features fantastic guests and thrilling topics, such as:

  • VMware, VMware Everywhere with Jason Langer (43:39): VMware has been in the data center for ages and is now aggressively moving into the hybrid cloud space. In this episode, we’ll take a look at the current state of the market with VMware and discuss Pure integrations for the ubiquitous solution. 
  • Unplugged Vol. 11: Realistic Efficiency Metrics, Deeper Purity Dive, and More (50:04): It’s time to get real about efficiency metrics. In this episode, we take a close look at data reduction, snapshots, CPU utilization, and monitoring, and the ways they can help you evaluate the performance and value of your storage solutions. We’ll also dive into the latest Purity 6.4 updates. 
  • Veeam V12 and Pure, Better Together: Faster Recovery and Better Cyber Resiliency (48:57): You thought Veeam and Pure were good before, now it’s even better with the addition of enhanced snapshot orchestration, improved ransomware protection and recovery, cloud and S3 object updates, and so much more. Discover more about these exciting features in this episode. 
  • Better Science Vol. 2: Maps, Metadata, and the Pyramid (46:03): Enterprises today are storing quadrillions of bits of data in dense flash storage. How do they find anything in this vast ocean? Better Science is back with the answer, featuring a compelling interview with FlashArray™ engineer Feng Wang about how Pure is uniquely suited by mapping data at scale with a single, scalable data structure. 
  • New Purity//FB 4.1 – Innovation for File and Object at Scale (42:32): Get the latest buzz on Pure’s newest version of Purity//FB—including new capabilities on object lock and quotas, file scaling enhancements, snapshot policies, and more. You’ll see how version 4.1 goes even further in helping you solve your most complex scale-out challenges with unstructured data. 

In case you missed them, tune in wherever you listen to podcasts and catch up on the latest episodes:

Empowering Sustainable Tech Infrastructure (37:36)

Pure envisions a future in which all of our stakeholders can thrive in a sustainable environment. Listen as we catch up with the cerebral and thoughtful Jeff Pickett, FlashArray Marketing Manager and one of the leads for Pure’s outbound ESG initiative. You’ll come away with greater insight into how to become a more sustainable—and successful—organization.

Adam Apps, Author of Sh*tty Sales Leaders: And How to Not Be One (35:32)

Tune in to hear our own sales leader Adam discuss his book that offers guidance and best practices for sales leaders to build, nurture, and run high-performing teams. He’ll talk about his motivation behind the book and personal views and insights on strong leaders he’s worked with in the past—and much more. Your sales team will thank you!