This guest blog on 6 Advantages of Deploying Cloud Adjacent Storage on Equinix Metal was authored by Jason Power,  Senior Director of Product Management at Equinix. It has been republished with the original author’s credit and consent. 

As businesses shift to a highly distributed and data-driven landscape, their storage infrastructure requirements often change. They must continuously assess when to migrate workloads to the cloud and when running those workloads in their on-premises data centers is the best approach. 

High performance, reliability, and scalability are key considerations for storage solutions, along with addressing expanding data needs for compliance, privacy, security, cost and location. Relying only on public cloud storage presents challenges like high data transfer fees, storage costs, and potential egress charges, requiring optimization strategies such as minimizing data movement, using cost-effective storage classes, and negotiating with providers. Cloud adjacent storage is a strategy to scale evolving storage infrastructure requirements. 

In a previous blog, we described how cloud adjacent storage with Equinix Metal® and Pure Storage helps customers deploy high-performance storage services quickly. Integrating Pure Storage’s flash-optimized technology with Equinix Metal’s on-demand, interconnected bare metal servers gives businesses a robust, agile, and scalable solution that caters to their most demanding storage needs.

Advantages of deploying Pure Storage on Equinix Metal

The Equinix Metal and Pure Storage partnership helps you position your data where and when you need it. It can drive the following advantages: 

  1. Performance. Integrating Pure Storage all-flash storage technology with Equinix Metal bare metal infrastructure helps businesses achieve high performance, greater than 99.999% uptime through Equinix Interconnection services, low latency, and rapid data access when using their data-intensive applications to run large databases, AI workloads, or high-velocity analytics.
  2.  Simplicity. Pure Storage’s market-leading storage portfolio, with unified management and AI-driven analytics, simplifies monitoring and administration, enabling proactive optimizations and seamless capacity upgrades.
  3. Data protection. When integrated with Equinix Metal’s consistent and redundant network and infrastructure, Pure Storage features like data reduction, data protection and non-disruptive upgrades help ensure business continuity in the aftermath of service disruptions or failures.
  4. Scalability and flexibility. The seamless integration of scalable Pure Storage solutions with Equinix Metal creates a flexible storage environment that helps businesses expand storage capacity, seamlessly and on demand.
  5. Cost efficiency. Pure Storage data reduction technologies combined with the flexibility of Equinix Metal help businesses reduce storage costs and optimize their infrastructure spend. By storing data in a preferred location, organizations can bypass the necessity of replicating data across various cloud providers. This approach not only leads to cost savings but also simplifies data management.
  6. Global reach. Equinix Metal’s global presence, with facilities across 27 countries and over 250 data centers, makes it easy to deploy Pure Storage solutions across diverse geographic locations in proximity to public clouds, colocation data centers and on-premises infrastructure. Enterprises can store and access data across multiple regions to meet the needs of globally distributed user bases.
  7. Streamlined management. Integrated directly into Equinix Metal’s control plane, the platform consolidates storage, network and compute management and simplifies monitoring, making it easier for businesses to fully control their infrastructure and storage solutions.
  8. Security. Pure Storage on Equinix Metal ensures enhanced security with single-tenancy and dedicated network connectivity, native data encryption at rest, and data immutability features, offering enterprises the ability to stay compliant with their data sovereignty requirements and effectively protecting company-wide data.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Use Cases

Equinix Metal and Pure Storage jointly empower customers to address a range of use cases, from high-performance databases to disaster recovery and big data analytics. This partnership is particularly beneficial in sectors like finance, healthcare, and e-commerce, where reliability and scalability are critical.

Cloud adjacent storage on Equinix Metal gives customers the power and flexibility to create balanced hybrid multicloud outcomes by storing their data adjacent to the public clouds. We provide high-performance, low-latency connectivity for cloud-based applications to access and process data residing on Platform Equinix. Customers maintain data custody on single-tenant systems, allowing them to bypass the public internet for data movement that meets compliance requirements and regulations while mitigating egress charges, transit costs, API and storage charges.

Integrating Pure Storage with Equinix Metal solves multiple storage use cases for enhanced performance, reliability, and scalability. Here are some of the common scenarios that our customers have addressed by deploying Pure Storage on Equinix Metal:

Performance and Reliability

High-performance databases. To support high-frequency requests and high-speed data processing for analytics and insights using Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or NoSQL databases, businesses need fast data retrieval and minimal downtime. Pure Storage on Equinix Metal single-tenant hosting is a reliable solution that improves database performance with the low-latency, high-throughput storage companies need to run their high-performance applications.

High-performance computing. To run scientific and engineering simulations and render or process videos, businesses need low-latency storage to manage and analyze large datasets efficiently. Pure Storage on Equinix Metal provides high-performance storage that supports the massive amounts of data processing associated with these operations.

Business continuity and disaster recovery. To create robust disaster recovery and data backup solutions, businesses need instant access to data when there’s an outage or disruption. Pure Storage on Equinix Metal replicates and stores critical data off-site for fast recovery, ensuring data resiliency and business continuity. 

Equinix Metal

Latency and Proximity

Content delivery. To deliver content quickly and consistently to users worldwide, businesses need reliable and low-latency storage. Pure Storage provides ready access to content for fast delivery, and Equinix Metal’s global presence helps them distribute content seamlessly. 

Video streaming. To access and process large video files efficiently, businesses need low-latency storage. Pure Storage on Equinix Metal ensures smooth video streaming, transcoding, and editing for media companies. 

High-frequency trading. To support real-time trading applications, businesses need low-latency storage and compute solutions. Pure Storage on Equinix Metal delivers the speed and reliability necessary for financial services companies to compete in this high-stakes sector.

Deploying Cloud Adjacent Storage on Equinix Metal

Next-generation Infrastructure Models

Virtualization. To run virtualization platforms, businesses need a highly efficient environment. Equinix Metal servers combined with Pure Storage solutions help companies support many virtual machines by providing instant access to storage resources.

Private cloud infrastructure. To build private cloud infrastructure to support various workloads, businesses need on-demand compute resources and high-performance storage. Pure Storage on Equinix Metal gives companies fast access to high-performance storage and compute resources. Protecting data is paramount by routing traffic over private cloud networks and leveraging direct peering network connections. This approach avoids exposing sensitive data and network infrastructure to the risks of the public internet.

Equinix Metal

Cloud Adjacent Storage as a Competitive Advantage

The combination of Pure Storage and Equinix Metal offers a cloud adjacent storage solution that caters to the evolving demands of modern enterprises, ensuring that data remains accessible, highly performant, and secure. 

Get started with cloud adjacent storage today by taking advantage of our special incentive offer: Get the first three months of Pure Storage on Equinix Metal free with a one-year commitment.¹

Whether you’re looking to address performance, reliability, latency, or proximity challenges or adopt next-generation infrastructure models, Pure Storage on Equinix Metal can help. Our collaboration opens new possibilities for businesses seeking to leverage top-tier storage solutions for competitive advantage. Visit our Pure Storage page to learn more, or contact your local Pure Storage or Equinix representative to get started today.

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¹This three-month Free Promo is available to net-new customers only for all storage tiers in all Equinix Metal metros—not limited to “Instant Availability” locations. Pre-stocked arrays are available for the //Block – Performance tier only. All other tiers will follow normal delivery timelines.
12-month term required. Minimum capacity requirements apply:
  • 50 TiB for //Block–Performance, //Block–Premium and //Block–Ultra
  • 75 TiB for //UFFO
  • 200 TiB for //Block–Capacity
Up to the contracted capacity only. Customer pays for excess use over the contracted capacity. Valid once per location, but customers can use the promotion in additional Equinix Metal locations within six months for a 12-month initial subscription term or within 12 months for a 36-month initial subscription term.