It’s a statement we can all agree on: Data drives business change. A modern data analytics strategy is critical to deriving the most value from data. But many organizations struggle to get it right. For example, 60% of organizations are trying to integrate four to nine disconnected data silos. 

Without the right foundation, that can be really challenging.

But with the right operational foundation in place, those challenges make way for plenty of benefits. These include operational efficiency, accelerated innovation, and reduced cost of doing business.

In Pure Storage’s new webinar, “IT Insights: A Modern Data Experience for Analytics,” we spoke with Mike Leone, Practice Lead for Data Platforms, Analytics, and AI at ESG Research. Leone shares ESG’s research on top data-analytics challenges—and the successful practices of enterprises that are getting it right.

Data’s Link to Business Improvement

There’s not much that analytics can’t help to level up. Around the world, enterprises are making investments in data analytics a top priority. Their goals: to boost efficiency, product delivery, and time to market; to grow business revenue, and to improve customer satisfaction and retention. 

The ESG research looks at the typical challenges and obstacles involved in getting data analytics up and running, and also highlights the successes of enterprises that have successfully built mature analytics capabilities. For example, mature organizations—those that focus on analytics initiatives—are more likely to hit and even exceed these targets.

So, who’s getting it right, and what can we learn from them?

Overcoming Analytics Blockers with a Modern Data Experience™

Hitting these goals can be tough with the common challenges that diminish ROI of many analytics programs. These challenges may sound familiar:

  • Slow performance, search, and query operations that limit the ability to work with real-time information
  • Data locked in silos, warehouses, and lakes
  • Complex systems that are inefficient to deploy and manage

The one thing that can mitigate those issues? A modern foundation with better capabilities. Investing in the right infrastructure can do a lot to help you bypass these challenges. 

Watch the webinar to learn how you can:

  • Build the right infrastructure with the capabilities you need to support modern analytics
  • Unlock more data with a storage infrastructure that enables modern cloud architectures at scale.
  • Work smart and focus on innovation rather than lose time with repetitive operational tasks

With a modern data foundation, you can maximize the potential of your data analytics investments and stay focused on innovation—which can help drive your business forward. We hope you’ll tune in for this deep dive into the ESG research to learn exactly what it takes to make your analytics dreams a reality.

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