The growing digital economy has created a surge in data footprints. And many organizations are struggling to unlock the full potential of this data while maintaining business continuity. Virtualization has typically been a nice-to-have element of business infrastructure. Yet, with an increased focus on cost and a mandate to scale in real time, it has become a must.

But it’s important to look beyond the immediate need and focus on the real business case this surge in data presents. The explosion of digital business has exacerbated the need for an infrastructure rehaul. It presents an opportunity to redefine your architecture. And to take advantage of a Modern Data Experience™ that can handle data demands today—and tomorrow.

Some organizations have already started the transformation process. Gartner had to update its 2021 predictions for global IT spending to highlight growing industry investment. In fact, Gartner now predicts that enterprise executives will invest even more in 2021, with global IT spending up 8.4% from 2020 to $4.1 trillion.

So, how can your business improve an existing continuity plan with virtualization?

Simple Integration and Management of Virtualization Infrastructure

IT teams are often bogged down trying to remove bottlenecks and free mission-critical workloads. They spend time managing complex storage infrastructures when they’d rather be focusing on innovation projects. 

Integration is the key to simplifying virtualization, freeing IT teams to work on more strategic projects. Virtualization solutions from Pure Storage® remove the burden of mundane management duties for your business continuity plan. For example:

  • Pure FlashArray™ delivers industry-leading 100% NVMe storage and integrates with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) to simplify management. 
  • Pure1® VM Analytics offers an extra layer of hands-free management for IT teams. The AI-driven software provides insights that help you optimize your storage and spend less time troubleshooting.
  • FlashStack® converged infrastructure with VMware Horizon software helps teams break the constraints of adding new IT resources or repurposing idle ones. Its flexibility allows you to move to a cloud-like model and scale IT in real time.

Double-Strength Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity with Virtualization

Research from IDC reveals that 53% of companies have seen a reduction in downtime within their environments over the past two years. Despite this, it estimates planned and unplanned data center downtime still costs enterprises $960,710 per year.

At nearly $1 million a year, downtime clearly is more than an IT issue. 

When it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity, integration again makes all the difference. FlashArray integrates with VMware Site Recovery Manager to deliver double-strength backup capabilities. This ensures that your IT teams can meet even the most stringent disaster-recovery requirements.

Pure ActiveDR® and ActiveCluster™ deliver powerful capabilities for data protection in always-on virtualization environments. Specifically:

  • ActiveDR provides always-on replication for vSphere VMs. It builds business resilience to power your virtualization needs. 
  • ActiveCluster provides seamless failover to deliver zero to near-zero RPO and RTO. 

This powerful duo adds to VMware’s Site Recovery Manager to help ensure business continuity 24x7x365.

Pure Storage integrated solutions provide automation and orchestration to deliver self-service storage that drives efficiencies. IT teams can reduce their risk exposure, streamline application and data recovery, and minimize management time. Enhance your existing VMware investment and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities.