Being a good steward of fiscal health is a key to longevity. All-QLC FlashArray//C can help save money while freeing up space in the data center. By supporting a vast range of workloads to drive success, it’s truly designed to meet both the performance and capacity demands businesses need to thrive. 

Pure’s global channel partners do much more than deliver great technology. The partners offer value-added integration, consulting, training, and many other vital services to support business success. Our partners add value across a range of business challenges and have the experience in resolving potential integration issues. Their in-house talent can help address customized requirements to make the most of the capacity and performance FlashArray//C. 

It’s more than just technology. The cost-efficiency of FlashArray//C solves so many problems by delivering solutions that address both capacity and performance workload demands, managed by Purity. 

Better Storage for Better Business 

Today’s business environment is creating an explosion in data storage requirements. To meet the demand, you need better storage technology that offers great performance and enough capacity without breaking the bank. But adding capacity (hardware) to a data center often means increasing both costs and system-management complexity. 

There’s a more strategic and cost-effective solution to the problem—the quad-level cell (QLC) technology in Pure Storage FlashArray//C. You can rely on Pure’s vast, global partner network for the know-how and services required to ensure all-QLC FlashArray//C delivers the performance needed for success. 

It’s More than QLC

What is it about QLC flash that makes it a good fit for capacity-oriented storage systems? 

  • It’s not just QLC. Pure owns the raw QLC through the Purity Operating Environment, which provides an efficient way to store, safeguard, manage, access, and mobilize data with strategic consumption models to meet business needs. 
  • Pure DirectFlash® software extends from the Purity storage operating system all the way down to the individual flash drives to deliver precise placement and timing of data reads and writes. 
  • Purity and DirectFlash are able to overcome the inherent performance and endurance limitations of QLC flash. 

No other vendor has been able to produce an enterprise-grade all-QLC flash array. Check out Mike Kieran’s blog post to learn more about Pure’s groundbreaking

QLC in FlashArray//C. Andy Martin, Pure Storage

Eliminate Excess Storage  

As technology improves and delivers more functionality at better economics, you can streamline day-to-day operations and consolidate workloads to focus on growing the bottom line rather than the data center. 

All-flash can be used cost-effectively for a wide range of capacity-intensive workloads without sacrificing performance. Some workloads are performance-sensitive with varying requirements for low latency and high throughput. Others are capacity oriented and need to work with very large data sets. For midsize organizations and large enterprises, all-QLC FlashArray//C allows for workload consolidation onto a single storage platform for outstanding business value. 

There are plenty of use cases that are ideal for Pure’s capacity-optimized FlashArray//C, including DevTest, modern data protection, and disaster recovery. In addition, all-QLC FlashArray//C can also eliminate the need for spinning media and hybrid storage arrays. 

No other vendor can offer such a comprehensive solution. 

It’s time to make the move to modern storage solutions.