Previous posts in our Innovation Done Right series examine how Pure as-a-Service™ and FlashBlade® have broken new ground to provide continuous innovation. In this post, we explore how Pure1® has changed predictive and proactive storage management.

How do you monitor and manage modern IT environments? At Pure Storage®, we firmly believe that you should be able to focus on driving innovation and harnessing insights from their data without being limited by time or lack of resources.

This is where Pure1 comes in.

Pure1 is a cloud-based data management platform. It allows you to manage your IT infrastructure in the cloud and provides predictive intelligence. Pure1 Meta®, an artificial-intelligence and machine-learning engine built into Pure1, helps you plan for the future and quickly resolve issues with confidence.

Mobile First

Technology moves quickly. As an infrastructure manager, you never know when an issue will arise and require a trip to the data center. It’s inconvenient and interferes with your personal time. Pure Storage was the first to solve this problem with Pure1, which provides cloud-based, AI-driven storage management. With Pure1, you can monitor, analyze, and optimize your storage infrastructure effortlessly from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Proactive and Predictive

Pure1 offers industry-first and industry-leading proactive support, including continuous monitoring of infrastructure, service level agreements (SLAs), and subscriptions, plus proactive issue resolution. The result: you save valuable time and resources. It’s all available through the Pure1 mobile app for which you can customize alerts and set up control of remote sessions.

Innovative solutions should be both predictive and proactive to help you solve your storage and business problems. To achieve this requires a layer of intelligence that works with your data—as well as aggregated data from 19,000+ cloud-connected Pure arrays—to create insights and recommendations. Processing more than one trillion data points per day, Pure1 Meta uses AI and ML to help forecast your application and storage infrastructure needs.

Use the Pure1 Workload Planner to simulate new application deployment, hardware upgrades, and workload changes. With it, you can scale and optimally place workloads depending on your exact needs. Pure1 also helps you resolve problems more quickly. Its full-stack analytics provide an end-to-end view of capacity and performance for your entire infrastructure stack up to each virtual machine.

Storage as a Utility

Pure1 puts information about your storage subscriptions at your fingertips. View what’s in use, receive alerts, and manage subscriptions, including capacity reservations and expirations. This means you’re never blindsided by usage and will know before you hit critical reservation or expiration deadlines.

Having easy access to all of this information in one location helps ensure you have the right data services for your business and application needs as well as single sign-on support. Pure1’s easy-to-use experience is also optimized for efficiency, performance, and capacity.

Cloud-based and API-driven

With Pure1, you get the ease of use of cloud management in your on-premises storage, plus a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform. That means you don’t have to install any additional hardware or software on-premises. With an API-first design, you can also easily integrate Pure1 data into your existing tools for automated workflows and reporting.

No matter where you are, you can get alerts and grant Pure Storage access to take care of any issues. Pure1 provides the power of an entire IT team at your fingertips and global visibility from anywhere.