Note: A newer version of the Pure Storage Veeam plugin is now available!

Both Veeam & Pure Storage have been recognized by their customers for delivering outstanding customer satisfaction with Net Promoter Scores. This is the bar both looked to build upon with our integration efforts.

The Benefits of Pure Storage Integration with Veeam

Agent-less application consistent array-based snapshot backups

Veeam coordinates the execution of API calls to the hypervisor and guest OS, like VADP and VSS, eliminating the need for agents to be installed on a VM. The preparation prior to the creation of snapshots on the FlashArray. This process ensures applications are preserved in a consistent state and allow for greater recovery options with database applications.

Reduces the performance impact of VMware vSphere backups

All vSphere host-based backups require production VMs to operate in a backup state for the duration of the backup operation – regardless of array integration. Depending on the size of the datastore and rate of change, this process may last hours, during which VMs and applications can experience performance penalties. This is due to the of the hypervisor’s underlying snapshot architecture, which introduces IO amplification due to the redirection of writes and the replay of a per-VM SCSI transaction log when the backup process completes. VM performance degrades in correlation to the amount of IO activity during the backup window, meaning IO demanding applications suffer the most. By integrating FlashArray snapshots VMs are in and out of hypervisor backup state in seconds or minutes, negating performance issues and offloading processes like data copying and indexing to the snapshot copy.

Rapid, granular recovery of VMs, virtual disks and files with Veeam Explorer™ for Storage Snapshots

Customers can recover individual files, directories, virtual disks or entire VMs quickly and efficiently directly from Pure Storage snapshots for significantly reduced RTOs.

Easy access to production data copies with Veeam DataLabs™ (formerly known as Veeam Virtual Labs)

With the Pure plugin, customers can create instant, on-demand isolated test environments based on FlashArray Snapshots. Customers are able to leverage copies of a production workload for testing and development, analytics, and security to drive business change. The cloning of existing VMs requires no additional storage and only consumes capacity as new, unique data is written to the cloned data set. The cloned environments enjoy the performance benefits of all-flash storage and Purity’s Automatic QoS in Purity protects production workloads from IO intensive VM clones.

Accelerated Backups with Rapid Recovery of VMs, datastores and large application data sets

Veeam supports FlashBlade™ as an all-flash Veeam Ready Repository. This architecture option dramatically reduces data restoration times for large data sets and critical applications. We’ve seen large databases that previously required days from days to restore from disk-based arrays to recover in mere minutes. Rapid Restore is quickly becoming a requirement as private clouds and service providers are supporting ever increasing data set capacities.

Pure Storage Veeam plugin

Pure Storage and Veeam Integration Details and Notes:

Pure is the 2nd Veeam technology alliance partner to release a storage plug-in based on the new Universal Adapter APIs. Prior to the Universal Adapter, storage array integrations / plug-ins were developed by Veeam engineering. By developing the Pure plug-in with the Universal Adapter, our team believes we will be able to innovate and integrate faster than what was previously possible.

For those looking to get up and running with the Pure Storage and Veeam plugin, the plugin and joint solution whitepaper are published and available online.