Data engineering and analytics teams want to provide a great experience for their users, but that’s easier said than done. You have a data pipeline that resembles the interstate highway, with traffic flowing through it at high speeds. Except in this situation, each piece of your highway is changing rapidly and you don’t have clear guidance. You not only need to figure out which pieces work together to avoid accidents and lost data but also to determine how they all work together without impeding the flow of traffic and causing massive traffic jams and slowing query performance.

Remove the Guesswork with Pure Validated Designs

Pure Validated Designs (PVDs) are fully tested, validated configurations that have been proven to generate repeatable business outcomes. These designs provide guidance and best practices for setting up and deploying solutions on Pure Storage® architecture. Pure engineering teams analyze solution use cases to ensure they have proven success before qualifying them as a Pure Validated Design. 

Pure Validated Design: FlashBlade® with Vertica in Eon Mode for Analytics

Today we announced the release of a Pure Validated Design using FlashBlade with Vertica in Eon Mode, developed in partnership with Vertica and Micro Focus to optimize and simplify solution deployments. As a leader in all-flash storage systems, Pure has invested considerable engineering resources to create Pure Validated Designs to help you generate predictable business outcomes by following these simple step-by-step guidelines that have been proven, tested, and validated by Pure.

In 2019, Vertica and Pure Storage teamed up to create the industry’s first and only on-prem analytical database solution that separates compute and storage for on-premises analytics workloads. This validated design brings the power of Pure FlashBlade storage to Vertica’s massively parallel processing architecture to deliver the fastest query and data-search speeds in the industry. In addition, the solution offers cloud-like simplicity and operational efficiency, enabling you to expand your analytics workloads beyond just public-cloud options. 

Vertica in Eon Mode using FlashBlade object storage provides disaggregated compute and storage

Figure: Vertica in Eon Mode using FlashBlade provides disaggregated compute and storage.

Drive Faster Analytics and Better Business Results 

Now, we are making this solution more accessible by providing it in an easy to consume and clearly documented Pure Validated Design (PVD). When comparing this solution to a direct-attached storage solution in our lab, we saw the following benefits:

  • Unparalleled performance: The solution loads data much faster than DAS-based solutions. In our lab, it took just 54 minutes to load 10 terabytes of data compared to 71 minutes with a DAS-based system. Query times were also faster with data stored on FlashBlade.
  • 15x improvement in scalability: Add or remove storage capacity without adding nodes or complexity to your cluster. Add a blade with no downtime and reduce rebalancing time by up to 15x with no impact on query performance. 
  • Better TCO with half the capacity: With highly resilient centralized object storage, you can now set the k-safety factor to one and use native compression to reduce the capacity needed. In a test with a 10TB database, this solution took only 3.8TB of storage compared to 8TB with a DAS-based solution. 

Spend more time generating business value rather than just trying to keep the lights on or adding capacity. Your environments aren’t static. Every day, the amount of data you query is increasing, and the number and complexity of those queries is also increasing as sophisticated machine-learning algorithms become more common. Eliminate guesswork and quickly deploy Vertica in Eon Mode to deliver business-critical analytics faster than ever. 

Learn more about Pure Storage for Vertica in Eon Mode in the solution brief.