test drive

noun 1) an act of driving a motor vehicle that one is considering buying, in order to determine its quality.
verb 1) drive (a motor vehicle) to determine its qualities with a view to buying it.

Making a significant buying decision is often a nerve-racking and time-consuming process. One of the biggest challenges is finding a way to reduce your risk of making a mistake. There’s usually a plethora of information online to help with research, but it’s often simply too much. Once you’ve waded through all of it, you’ll likely still want to validate your findings with some kind of test, whether that’s a “test drive” in the world of car buying, or a proof of concept (POC) project in the world of IT.

Unfortunately, a POC can take time, focus, and endless patience to corral the various resources needed. It’s become even more complicated as of late with the new challenge of procuring POC equipment.

To help address these difficulties, we’ve created a lab environment where you can demo the Pure Storage® solution platform for FlashArray™ and FlashBlade®. Connect remotely, at your convenience, and explore exactly how the world of Pure works to manage data in this modern data world.

You can check out all the features of Purity, Pure’s data-management control plane. In the demo, you can:

  •   Deploy and manage storage
  •   Connect to different operating systems
  •   Test out vSphere integration
  •   Try out the simplicity of synchronous replication and snapshot protection
  •   Create volume groups
  •   Check the health of the systems

You can then demonstrate the system to your colleagues or boss, at any time—with no risk and no commitment. Finished? Recycle it, no worries. Want to try again? Just power up the demo and go for it.

Take Pure for a Spin

The Pure Test Drive provides everything you need to make your best IT decision. And it’s seriously simple to do. Reach out to our team, then we’ll set up the test environment and send you an invitation email.

Pure Test Drive Voucher

Click the link in the invitation email and follow the login instructions to access the demo where you can try the following labs:

  • Introduction to FlashArray//X
  • Introduction to FlashBlade

A guide (story) on the right-hand side will help you create specific use cases and navigate through the lab with:

  • Step-by-step instructions for configuring certain components
  • Login credentials, an IP address, and other information needed to access the lab
  • Screenshots for further clarity
  • Buttons to simulate keyboard commands and to insert long strings of text to avoid typos
  • A way to display variables that are uniquely associated with a lab instance

See the Simplicity of FlashArray

The FlashArray test-drive story will guide you through the simplicity of FlashArray, from connecting to the array to generating a workload, and even building synchronous replication with ActiveCluster™.

You can also look around the arrays and do other things outside of the story, like create a volume or a vVol, work with the Pure vSphere plugin to set up datastores, and manage the arrays from vSphere.

Try Out FlashBlade

The FlashBlade demo allows you to test functions including NFS and object stores so you can see how the FlashBlade works in action and how simple it is to use.

Take Another Lap

The true beauty of the demos? The system resets and you can take it for another spin. Try a different config or just spend time seeing how easy Pure Storage solutions are to use in general and in your specific environment.

A Pure test drive makes it easy to learn more about our platforms and accelerates your ability to evaluate them remotely—when you want to, where you want to, without logistical delays.

After your test drive, if you want to see more, we can walk you through different real-world business environments. We have solution-focused labs to test core business applications, a CI/CD DevOps environment, container integration and management, and the latest AI/ML environment. We can also show you how the most-advanced, AI-based, proactive health-monitoring and workload-planning toolset works.

Reduce Your Risk Further with Our Guarantee

Once you’ve selected Pure, we can work with you to understand your unique environment and create a Right-Size Guarantee™. Tell us how much accessible storage you need for your different workloads and we’ll size the solution to fit your needs. And we’ll stand by that sizing, no risk to you.

Try Pure Storage, and if we don’t meet your expectations in the first 30 days, return it, no questions asked. We call this Love Your Storage™. With an industry-leading, independently measured, customer-satisfaction Net Promoter Score of 82, we’re very confident to stand by that offer.

Ready to take the next step and start your test drive?
Request a test drive for FlashArray//X or FlashBlade.
Heck, take them both for a spin!