Data storage has always been a crucial concern for IT leaders. Today the conversation has firmly shifted away from feeds and speeds to more strategic topics including storage analytics, automation, and new deployment options. These three topics are the key factors in the new “2020–21 Enterprise All-Flash Array Buyer’s Guide” from the Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG), an independent analyst firm focusing on data storage, data protection, and cloud technologies. 

“Pure’s proactive support and predictive analytics capabilities are more comprehensive than those of most of their competitors.”DCIG

The buyer’s guide contains product scores and rankings based on DCIG’s independent research on enterprise storage arrays. The report includes comparisons of the 99 arrays that satisfy the firm’s criteria for enterprise all-flash arrays. In the guide, Pure Storage® FlashArray™//X earned a ranking of “Recommended.” 

The DCIG guide highlights how Pure FlashArray’s analytic and proactive support capabilities compare to nearly 100 other arrays.

The guide highlights the fact that organizations are looking for more than capacity, latency, density, and throughput from arrays. Instead, today’s major concerns include automation, storage analytics, proactive technical support, and new acquisition and deployment options—including storage as a service, both on-premises and in the public cloud.

Fortunately, Pure excels in all of these areas by:

  • Helping you automate everything with a powerful set of REST APIs, plus VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center VMM plug-ins that let virtual infrastructure administrators monitor and manage key storage functions from within the VMware and Microsoft management consoles.
  • Transforming the storage experience with non-disruptive upgrades, proactive technical support based on advanced analytics, and the Evergreen™ subscription to innovation model. 
  • Enabling you to deploy Pure Storage on premises or as software-defined storage running natively in the AWS (and soon Azure) cloud. And the Pure as-a-Service™ offering helps you unify on-premises and cloud environments with a single set of data services. 

The guide notes that “Pure’s proactive support and predictive analytics capabilities are more comprehensive than those of most of their competitors.” It adds that Pure1® “is one of the only products in this buyer’s guide that provides cross-stack analytics and workload modeling.”