We’re excited to join the AWS public sector community as a sponsor for this year’s AWS Public Sector Summit Online, April 15 and 16.

Pure Storage® and AWS have built a strong partnership as we help our mutual public sector customers meet their goals and deliver on their missions. At the summit, we’ll highlight data solutions that can help you realize your cloud-first, hybrid-cloud, and container strategies. And do so without sacrificing the Modern Data Experience™ you expect—and depend on—from Pure to deliver business results.

During this free two-day event, stop by our virtual booth to learn how to extend the Pure experience into AWS. Through our acquisition of Portworx®, the leading Kubernetes data services platform, that experience now also includes the ability to manage containers, including solutions based on Amazon EKS. With a Pure as-a-Service™ subscription, you can easily migrate your data from on-premises to the AWS cloud at no additional cost.

We can help you solve many of the data management challenges you might encounter when moving from a data-center-based approach to a hybrid-cloud or cloud-native architecture.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be diving into at this year’s AWS Public Sector Summit:

    • Achieving a truly hybrid-cloud strategy by using Pure Cloud Block Store™: Pure’s virtual appliance in AWS delivers seamless data mobility, data protection, and a consistent experience.
    • Building a consistent, performant, and scalable hybrid cloud that leverages AWS Outposts and Pure Storage: Pure has fully embraced this model and is the only vendor to obtain the Outposts Ready designation with on-premises devices designed to work side-by-side in your data center with AWS Outposts.
    • Modernizing your mission-critical applications with Kubernetes and Amazon EKS data solutions.
    • Migrating on your terms, with a capacity-based storage subscription: With Pure as-a-Service, you can start in the data center and migrate to AWS under a single contract. Return the storage arrays to us as you retire them.
    • Reducing cloud costs and improving overall cloud economics with industry-leading data efficiencies and snapshots.

Wherever you are in your digital-transformation journey, Pure delivers the fastest, future-proof path to modernization for the public sector. The right infrastructure is critical for successful transformation and to help you achieve your mission. Just ask Pure customers including:

Next Steps

Visit Pure’s AWS Public Sector Summit Online 2021 page to learn more about the announcements and to book an appointment to chat with our data experts. And make sure to stop by our virtual booth to see how you can get more from your AWS solutions with Pure Storage.