Pure emphasizes hiring great people who can make a difference for the company, our partners, and our customers. But it’s important to recognize how our employees impact the world beyond Pure as well.

I’m delighted to say that Julie Rosenberg, program director for strategic partner technical programs, is just that type of person. She makes a difference not only at Pure Storage® but also for future generations of intelligent, hardworking, and enthusiastic women in the workforce.

What Makes Rosenberg a Rising Star with CRN?

Rosenberg was nominated for CRN’s The 2021 Rising Female Stars of the IT Channel list. The technology news site looked for “…extraordinary women whose passion, commitment, and dedication have positioned them as leaders who are shaping the growth of not only their individual organizations, but the IT channel as a whole.”

This description fits Rosenberg to a T. But there’s a lot more to her that you won’t learn by reading her profile on the list. The first thing you discover when working with Rosenberg is that she’s passionate. She’s passionate about learning, trying, stretching, mentoring, and winning.

She has forged a path within the world of IT that others envy. While STEM may have opened many doors for her, she knows she needs to keep her skills, knowledge, and experience fresh and in demand. Rosenberg is a huge advocate for continuous learning and isn’t afraid to fail. She’s the first to admit that she learns more when something doesn’t work as planned than when a project goes off without a hitch. 

What Diversity Brings to Pure Storage

Like most companies, Pure strives for diversity in our workforce. Research shows that a more diverse workforce can increase company profits, drive higher innovation revenues, make better decisions, and achieve greater sales revenue. 

Rosenberg is a terrific example of what Pure achieves when we bring employees of different backgrounds and experiences together. She’s not afraid to engage in constructive conversations with colleagues. Rosenberg asks probing questions that help her fellow team members think outside the proverbial box on many topics. She has a global focus and encourages others to as well. 

She’s committed to helping foster and promote women in the IT industry. Currently, she’s co-lead of the Women in Technical Sales chapter at Pure, through which she helps support other amazing women in IT. Rosenberg sets an excellent example of what a leader looks like at Pure. These are just a few reasons why she is one of CRN’s 2021 Rising Female Stars. 

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A Shining Example

When I asked Rosenberg what advice she might offer to other women looking to join the IT workforce, her reply was simple: “Bring your whole self to work.” 

That includes your passion and ability to celebrate wins with colleagues. Be inspired by Rosenberg’s example and chart your path. Come into work with energy, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn and teach. Come ready to be a team player and a team leader. Be an example of how to solve problems and get new ideas out the door. If this sounds like you, we’d love to have you on the Pure team, too. Check out our current open roles

Congratulations, Julie! You’re not just a CRN rising female star, you’re also a Pure Storage star, and we’re lucky to have you on Team Orange.