With Cybersecurity Awareness Month upon us, it’s the ideal time to consider the proactive steps you can take to protect your critical infrastructure now while preparing for the cyber challenges of tomorrow. This year, the theme is “See Yourself in Cyber,” highlighting the vital need for all of us to do our part in combating cyber threats. For those responsible for critical infrastructure, this means building a tiered, data resilient, security architecture that fights ransomware and keeps data safe. 

At Pure, data is the air we breathe, so we have plenty of expert insights to share. For this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’ve rounded up a library of resources to help you prepare for and mitigate potential cyber threats. 

Are You Ready? 

Learn how to build a resilient architecture and restore systems faster. Former FBI Special Agent Chris Tarbell and former black hat hacker Kevin Mitnick join the Pure panel to detail the cyber threats modern businesses face, what you can do to recognize them, and how to fight back. Join us October 13 for “FBI and Black Hat Insights: How to Identify and Combat Threats.” 


Boost Your Cybersecurity IQ on the Pure Storage Blog

We don’t just prioritize security for one month a year, and we definitely don’t just help you store your data. Security is built into everything we doand all of our products. Below is just a sample of the resources you can find on our blog, including practical tips, strategies, and discussion guides.


We’re covering ransomware from every angle and updating our blog as new trends emerge. Beyond our free Ransomware Mitigation and Recovery ebook, co-authored by a former black hat hacker, you can find focused deep dives into ransomware, such as:


Modern Security Architectures, Better Backups, and More

Not all security architectures are created equal, and that can be the difference between getting back online in hours vs. days. We dispelled some myths about air gaps and went in-depth into the benefits of data bunkers—including a sample architecture to get you started. For tactical resources and tools to guide discussions with internal security teams, check out:

Data Compliance

Compliance is a major aspect of data security that can quickly become a costly side effect of a breach.

This just scratches the surface of the subject of cybersecurity. Check back as we add more resources and tips to help keep your company’s most valuable assets safe. Subscribe to Pure’s Perspectives digest and get the latest security articles right in your inbox.