Pure//Accelerate™ Digital gave us a new opportunity to connect virtually with you to share how a Modern Data Experience™ can change the way IT organizations manage, store, and deliver data. Our experts developed more than 30 breakout sessions to showcase the latest industry insights and trends. If you weren’t able to attend, we’ve made our breakout sessions available on-demand so you can explore insights from Pure, and our partners, on how to transform the way your organization uses data.

To give you an idea of what you’ll find, I’d like to highlight one of the sessions in our analytics track: “Optimizing, Automating, and Virtualizing Splunk at Any Scale.” Brian Carpenter, Pure’s senior director of FlashBlade Technology Strategy, talked with Jim Kinney, CEO of Kinney Group, to explore optimizing Splunk on Pure Storage. In addition to being an early partner with Pure, Kinney Group has been deploying Splunk solutions since 2012 and is an Elite Service Partner for Splunk.

In the session, they focus on the primary challenge for Splunk administrators (and all of IT): Too much time is spent activating and operating the solution, and not enough time on extracting deeper value and innovating. By simplifying and optimizing the solution, it’s possible to reduce the time spent on low-impact activities and free up time to focus on what matters. The first step is to gain agility from an architecture that disaggregates compute from storage while preserving scale-out simplicity. As a result, you can improve data rebalancing when replacing or scaling nodes and simplify overall infrastructure management. The second step entails embracing virtualization for forwarders, indexers, and other application nodes to further consolidate the physical infrastructure footprint and reduce TCO. Finally, you can automate processes by using integrations with popular tools, such as Prometheus, Puppet, and Splunk add-ons.

In this session and others, we share insights and experiences we’ve gained by helping organizations like yours better utilize the data you need for your business. Be sure to watch the session to learn more, and check out our technical white papers, solution briefs, and other resources for optimizing Splunk on Pure

Finally, here are the rest of the sessions from our exciting analytics and AI track for Accelerate—available to watch at any time: