Welcome to Pure//Accelerate Basecamp! As we approach the homestretch of Pure//Accelerate™ Digital 2021, I want to thank our customers, partners, industry experts, and inspirational leaders. They’ve made the first four weeks of this multiweek event successful and engaging. The record attendance and participation in event chat and social media have reaffirmed our commitment to providing a Modern Data Experience™.

What is the Modern Data Experience all about? It’s simple: helping you use more of your data while reducing the complexity and expense behind managing it.

During Basecamp Week, we’ll focus on the innovations and technologies that enable you to achieve better and faster business outcomes. Basecamp sessions take an in-depth look at the technologies powering FlashBlade®, FlashArray™, Pure1®, Pure as-a-Service™, and Portworx®.

Real-world Proof Points

A common theme we keep hearing from customers is how Pure has helped them achieve breakthroughs in their businesses. For example, FlashBlade has helped organizations address their modern application and data challenges and achieve unmatched breakthroughs. FlashBlade is the industry’s leading unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage platform.

Here are a few ways organizations are leveraging FlashBlade to achieve better outcomes:

  • A premier video-conferencing provider can now enable its clients to launch and record more meetings while also improving its quality of service and availability.
  • One of the world’s largest software-as-a-service providers now has a better way to restore its client data in the event of ransomware attacks. Clients can restore from immutable snapshots in less than four hours.
  • A leading telecom company has accelerated its CI-CD pipeline, deploying applications in just hours—rather than months—for its 5G network subscribers.
  • A large research organization drastically increased the speed to ingest and analyze unstructured file data, which allows researchers to develop vaccines more quickly.

With applications and data continuing to evolve, the right storage infrastructure is essential—especially for organizations to realize their data’s potential. FlashBlade’s UFFO platform is optimized to address the demands of modern applications and modern data. It delivers the simplicity and multidimensional performance needed to consolidate modern workloads on a single platform.

Industry Recognition

It’s not surprising that 25% of companies in the Fortune 100 leverage FlashBlade to solve their modern file and object storage challenges.

Basecamp Week: FlashBlade Highlights

Basecamp sessions get into the details of our product portfolio. They’re designed to share the latest innovations and technologies to help you successfully move your business forward with velocity. Here are a few FlashBlade sessions you won’t want to miss:

  • Technical Deep Dive: What Makes FlashBlade the Leading UFFO Platform? Members of Pure’s Engineering and Product Management teams discuss the architectural details of FlashBlade and how it differs from traditional unstructured storage systems. They’ll explore what enables FlashBlade to deliver the ideal UFFO platform.
  • Transforming Your File Workloads with Fast SMB on FlashBlade UFFO Platform: This session looks at some of the new capabilities with Purity//FB. For example, fast native SMB capabilities can help you achieve better business outcomes and address your data challenges.
  • FlashBlade Object: Reimagine Your IT Environment with High-Performance Object: The role of object storage in the data center has changed drastically. Hear more about FlashBlade’s object capabilities, including object storage performance,

Find out more about the FlashArray sessions in the post from my colleague Calvin Nieh. If you haven’t already, you can still register for Pure//Accelerate. And you can watch all the on-demand sessions from the event anytime.

Just because Pure//Accelerate Digital 2021 is coming to an end doesn’t mean the goodness has to stop: Join us for Pure//Accelerate After Hours on June 15. These industry-specific sessions cover data storage topics that are top of mind for financial services, healthcare, life sciences, public sector, retail, and gaming organizations. Discover how Pure Storage can help your business navigate digital transformation and drive breakthroughs.