That’s a wrap on Pure//Accelerate® 2023!

What an incredible event. It was fantastic to be back together in person and to share such exciting announcements and groundbreaking discussions. If you didn’t know it already, you know it now: Disk is done!

The New Pure Storage Innovations That Spell the End of Disk

FlashArray GM Shawn Hansen unveiled the next-gen technology and portfolio enhancements that will define the all-flash data center:

If you missed it, catch up on keynotes from the event below:

Day One

  • CEO Charlie Giancarlo shared why disk is done. His prediction: No new hard drives sold after 2028.
  • FlashArray GM Shawn Hansen explained how Pure’s constant innovation mirrors the story of Sir David Brailsford and his transformation of the British Cycling team through incremental gains. Shawn also revealed the latest additions to the Pure portfolio.
  • Scott McIsaac of NTT Managed Cloud Services shared their nearly 10-year journey with Pure Storage. Hear how Pure’s simplicity, continuous innovation, and non-disruptive upgrades helped the multi-cloud provider streamline its backend to meet customer SLAs and bounce back from ransomware.

Day Two

  • Founder John “Coz” Colgrove and FlashBlade GM Amy Fowler discussed the massive flash innovations we’re seeing that will “rid the planet of spinning disk.”
  • Chief Product Officer Ajay Singh explains the three pillars of Pure’s cloud operating model and how Pure Storage enables this with Pure Fusion, Evergreen//One, and Portworx®. Ajay also sat down with Johnson Controls International (JCI) to hear how the organization is powering its new, AI-driven smart building technology with Portworx and Pure.
  • CTO Rob Lee discussed how to create data centers that help customers realize the benefits of artificial intelligence while using less energy, cost, space, and power.
  • Shawn Rosemarin, VP of Customer Innovation, closed out the event with five important questions every IT leader should ask as they evaluate data centers for growth over the next decade and beyond.

The CSR Initiatives We Announced

Sustainability has been a part of Pure Storage’s DNA from its inception. Not only are we committed to helping our customers achieve their environmental and energy reduction goals through our products and solutions, but it’s part of everything we do.

Pure//Accelerate 2023 is no exception. We are committed to doing everything possible to make sure this event has a large positive impact on the community but a small impact on the environment.

During the event, we shared donations made to:

  • $25,000 to The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation to help underprivileged youth in sport
  • $25,000 to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute to do our part for the marine ecosystem
  • We packed over 500 backpacks for kids with food to prevent childhood hunger this summer. Attendees packed bags of nutritious, single-serving, ready-to-eat food items, such as granola bars, crackers, pudding, cereal, shelf-stable milk, fruit juice boxes, and entrees for children who might otherwise go without. Due to lack of funding, the local Las Vegas Food Bank had to completely shut down BackPack for Kids. However, with our support, they were able to open it back up for hundreds of kids from low-income families.

The 2023 Breakthrough Award Winners

We also honored seven breakthrough award winners throughout the event, across a number of categories. Get the full roundup of award winners.

Catch Pure//Accelerate on the Road! 


Pure//Accelerate 2023 is coming to a city near you. We have 23 events across 21 countries on five different continents! The schedule kicks off in Tokyo on August 30. Check out locations and dates for all upcoming Pure//Accelerate events worldwide.  

  • Seoul, South Korea Sept 12
  • New York, USA Sept. 13
  • Mumbai, India Sept 14
  • Singapore Sept. 14
  • Hamburg, Germany Sept. 26
  • Frankfurt, Germany Sept. 28
  • Mexico City, Mexico Sept. 28
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil Oct. 4
  • Vienna, Austria Oct. 5
  • Warsaw, Poland Oct. 10-11
  • Paris, France Oct. 11
  • Johannesburg, South Africa Oct. 12
  • Munich, Germany Oct. 12
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Nov. 6
  • Istanbul, Turkey Nov. 23

To all our attendees, thank you for making Pure//Accelerate 2023 a smashing success. See you next year!