From Day 1, Pure Storage FlashBlade® has been built on a customer promise—to address the modern data and modern application challenges. An essential part of this strategy is our approach to object storage. Object storage is foundational to enabling modern applications. This makes object storage a critical part of a modern data center and a priority for our customers. Pure Storage was one of the first vendors to understand the challenges of modern object storage. FlashBlade’s high-performance native object-storage capabilities have been the answer for many organizations.

We are proud to see our commitment recognized in the GigaOm Radar for High-Performance Object Storage. The radar names Pure Storage a Leader in this space. Recently, Pure Storage was also recognized as a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage. These recognitions further validate our strategy to deliver the best Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) platform available with FlashBlade.

The Evolution of Object Storage

Traditional object-storage systems have been synonymous with cheap and deep storage solutions. These systems focus primarily on archive use cases. But, today’s business  needs are different. FlashBlade is all about supporting the data-intensive demands of a wide variety of modern applications and workloads. This requires high-performance, cloud-optimized object storage. These are the needs of customers of all sizes, across many sectors worldwide. From small and medium-sized Businesses (SMB) to Fortune 100 companies, they cover financial, telecommunications, tech and SaaS, media, government sectors, and more.

UFFO is the new approach to modern data storage that delivers native fast file and fast object storage on the same platform. This enables organizations to address their modern applications and modern data demands. FlashBlade has become the benchmark in this category, delivering unparalleled simplicity, scalability, multi-dimensional performance, and agility.

A high-performance object storage solution like FlashBlade can support workloads ranging from modern analytics, modern applications and DevOps, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), content delivery networks (CDN), content repositories, rapid restore of large backups and databases, and more.

GigaOm Radar for High-Performance Object Storage

The GigaOm Radar for High-Performance Object Storage analyzes several object storage vendors. It evaluates vendors across 13 key criteria and metrics. The report evaluates how each vendor fares in this essential area of the industry.

Pure Storage was not only named as a leader in the report. It’s also one of just four leaders in the innovation hemisphere and one of only three outperformers overall. The report highlights Pure Storage’s pioneering role in the high-performance object-storage market. The maturity of the FlashBlade platform also receives special mention. The report highlights FlashBlade’s architecture, simplicity, ease of use, performance, and scalability as key strengths.

Enrico Signoretti, the senior analyst for GigaOm, perfectly summarizes the vision and the power of FlashBlade in the high-performance object space:

Many important enterprise applications, those that can give an edge over competition, are based on sheer amounts of unstructured data and rich metadata. An expanding spectrum of workloads and workflows that requires the scalability and metadata capabilities of object storage. At the same time, traditional solutions can’t cope with the latency and performance requirements of Analytics, AI and other interactive workloads. Pure Storage has been pioneering this space for a while and FlashBlade is the right example of a solid next-generation storage system designed to handle primary unstructured data at scale.

Innovating for the Future 

Being named a leader in the GigaOm Radar for High-Performance Object Storage is an incredible honor. It reinforces our vision in the modern object storage market. We will continue to innovate and deliver the industry’s leading UFFO storage platform. Our goal to help organizations across industries capitalize on the next wave of modern data and modern applications remains unchanged.

GigaOm’s recognition provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the last five years. We have made incredible progress in the object-storage market. Our exponential customer growth, new innovative hardware and software capabilities, and a rich and growing set of partners are proof of that.

To all our customers and partners—thank you!