There was a time not that long ago when organizations discounted using all-flash as a backup target, or at best, saw it as an expensive luxury. Over time, perceptions have changed, especially as data protection has started to play a more crucial role in helping businesses recover from ransomware attacks. Why is that?

It simply comes down to restore. Typically, if you need to restore, there are only a few applications here and there. But consider restoration after a large-scale ransomware attack: you’d likely be in a situation requiring you to recover tens or even hundreds of critical applications in a very short period of time. Remember, every minute a key application isn’t available potentially costs revenue, brand reputation, and spiraling customer dissatisfaction. The current environment has created an even bigger challenge with more people working remotely: 76% of knowledge workers are working from home, including 54% of data-center employees practicing social distancing. Meanwhile, 47% of organizations have reported an increase in attempted cyberattacks in this period.¹

Industry-leading restore capabilities are one of the main reasons why PureStorage® FlashBlade® has seen great adoption, but this is only part of the story. To be able to effectively manage hundreds or even thousands of terabytes of backup data, you need a best-of-breed data-protection solution.

Commvault is one of the leading vendors in the data protection arena. With a mature and scalable platform, it has delivered some of the best innovations around the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) protocol in the fight against ransomware. Amazon S3 is the ubiquitous protocol that is the direction of travel for many organizations, software vendors, and hardware vendors.

In partnership with Commvault, we’re pleased to announce a joint reference architecture for Pure Storage FlashBlade and Commvault’s RO1105 appliance. With FlashBlade Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) capabilities uniquely positioned to deliver on the promise of “fast object,” it’s a powerful pairing. This solution not only delivers on the promise of high-speed scalable recovery but further simplifies the data-protection experience from design, deployment, and operations by leveraging the speed and simplicity of FlashBlade with Commvault’s RO1105 appliance and IntelliSnap technology for streamlined and simplified snapshot management.

The Pure Reference Design with Commvault delivers speed, simplicity, and scale in a complete, cost-optimized solution. To learn more about this exciting announcement and the battle against ransomware, read the press release and solution brief.

1) “The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Remote Work, 2020 IT Spending, and Future Tech Strategies,” ESG Research, June 2020.