Pure Storage is excited to announce that our next-gen AI-ready infrastructure, AIRI//S™, has been recognized by AI Breakthrough Awards as the Best AI Solution for Big Data. We’re humbled to rise to the top with over 3,000 submissions that were considered. 

Speaking of breakthroughs, 2023 is clearly shaping up to be a breakout year for AI. According to McKinsey, adoption of AI has doubled from 2017 to 2022. Last year, ChatGPT launched generative AI into our collective consciousness, and now every news cycle has something to say about advancements in AI, as well as ethical considerations to reduce bias and discrimination concerns with the use of AI. Clearly, AI is no longer limited to academia, as leading companies use AI to outpace their competition and consumers use it in their daily lives.

Pure Storage wins AI Breakthrough Award 2023

Get Competitive Advantage from ALL of your Data

Accessing and harnessing all of your data with AI and analytics is a powerful way to gain competitive advantage. According to ESG, organizations with mature use of analytics and AI launched 46% more products on average over the last two years, increased revenue per employee 350% more over the past two years, and achieved 2.5x greater customer satisfaction. 

Powerful analytics applications and AI frameworks require a technology stack that is advanced and optimized to process an abundance of data. Pure Storage® AIRI//S is optimized to accelerate AI deployments, as well as the insight and action that organizations gain from using modern analytics and AI across all of their data.

Big data, analytics, and AI and ML technologies have grown in use across organizations so much that silos of data and applications are typically found across companies and organizations. This can happen when a department within a company decides to use AI for a project. They might use compute and storage infrastructure they have readily at hand, AI applications in the cloud, or even compute and storage they have on their personal computers. Imagine this happening across a company in multiple departments. As data sets grow and uses of AI and analytics applications expand, you can easily see that the efficiency and sharing of data across application silos will be difficult, if not impossible.

AIRI//S Delivers an AI-ready Foundation

For AI applications, the use of specialized GPUs to crunch data quickly becomes imperative. GPUs from vendors such as NVIDIA can make AI and analytics much much faster than with standard CPU-based compute infrastructure. To make these NVIDIA systems, such as DGX, perform at their maximum potential and enable data scientists to be as productive as possible, the right networking and storage solution is critical. Pure Storage and NVIDIA have collaborated to deliver AIRI//S, the next generation of AI-ready infrastructure, with pre-validated NVIDIA DGX compute, NVIDIA networking, and Pure Storage FlashBlade//S™—storage optimized for AI. 

AIRI//S provides an optimal solution for multiple stakeholders within organizations. For data scientists, it enables them to get answers quickly, refine models iteratively, and avoid the need for complicated AI systems engineering just to get their work done. For IT teams, AIRI//S provides a platform that can consolidate data for multiple AI workloads efficiently and keep up (non-disruptively) with the changing demands of AI as adoption increases dramatically. Company executives and lines of business managers will realize the benefits of AI for their business with faster deployment, operational simplicity, and a system that starts wherever they need it and grows to meet changing demands, without disruption to their business.

FlashBlade//S is the Secret Sauce for AI Data

If this award sounds a little bit familiar, it’s because Pure’s original AIRI®, with our first generation of FlashBlade®, was awarded this recognition in 2019, just shortly after we launched AIRI. With the innovative FlashBlade//S, launched in June 2022, we now offer a platform optimized for AI with exabyte scale that will support the needs of modern analytics and AI applications for the next decade and beyond. FlashBlade//S represents a giant leap forward for unstructured data used in AI, offering double the density, performance, and power efficiency compared to our previous platform. 

This updated architecture disaggregates storage and compute to deliver a highly configurable, customizable file and object storage platform to target many analytics and AI workload profiles. FlashBlade//S handles it all—from workloads that require the highest levels of flash performance to capacity-optimized disk-based ones that call for hybrid density and efficiency. Our all-QLC flash architecture avoids the need for expensive caching solutions and storage class memory (SCM).

FlashBlade//S also delivers:

  • A metadata structure that can scale to support hundreds of billions of objects in a single system.
  • Improved performance, resiliency, and system efficiency by eliminating the overhead associated with managing off-the-shelf solid-state drives (SSDs).
  • A software architecture designed to leverage the hardware’s innovation well into the future.
  • Integrated networking capabilities that eliminate the complexities associated with unstructured data
  • Product options for unstructured data that requires either the highest performance (FlashBlade//S datasheet) or longer lived, cost-optimized cold data repositories (FlashBlade//E datasheet).

Pure Storage is helping customers deliver on their AI goals across many industries, including automotive, biotech, genomics, and more. Our high-performance architecture with enterprise capabilities is valued for large-scale AI projects and built to help you achieve your biggest breakthroughs with AI.

Learn more about how Pure Storage can help your AI initiatives today.