Traditional SAP and SAP HANA on the new Pure Storage //X sets a new standard on performance!

Pure Storage recently announced the availability of a new storage product that further expands the leadership in all-flash-arrays and is part of Pure’s Data Platform. More about this later.

C9JDx_MUIAAXjpgThe new //X is an NVMe based all-flash storage array with unprecedented performance on read/write and ultra low latency. If you are interested in understanding more about NVMe, the architecture and technology I suggest reading Kix’ (VP – Products at Pure) blog here -> LINK

Why is that important for SAP workloads, even in-memory SAP HANA? Now traditionally mission-critical applications, like SAP rely heavily on the underlying infrastructure to run most performant, since the speed of being able to execute and process transactions, run reports and batch jobs means more business. Traditional storage systems always represented the slowest link to process (read/write) data. Various approaches to minimize the impact that the physics of spindles in storage systems (Parallelism – More routes to the data, more capacity disks, disk tiering) actually did not really solve the fundamental problem that number one the device itself is slow and number two the data has to go through various layers (app, OS, virtualization, SCSI etc.) in order to read or write. Caching the data, again, did not really solve the problem, but provided a temporary remedy of the problem.

The new //X solves the fundamental IO problem of SAP systems, since Pure’s NVMe-based array provides direct-flash modules that minimize the layers between SAP and the raw flash storage. Additionally the technology unlocks massive IO parallelism. All this translates into lower latency and never-seen read and write performance.

The SAP team here at Pure is extremely excited about //X, but wanted to know exactly how good this new array is for SAP workloads and tested traditional and SAP HANA workloads and measured performance, throughput and scalability and compared it to traditional all-flash-arrays that already introduced a new era for SAP landscapes (see blog here).

The results:

50% lower latency

2 x faster read performance

3 x faster write performance

2 x more throughput

For traditional SAP landscapes the results have immediate positive impact on the business, since transactions, batch jobs and reports run faster. Imagine a nightly batch job that runs for 6 hours, now runs only 3 hours. Or SAP transactions run 3 times faster with response times under 0.1 ms. Amazing results.

Data PlatfromAs I mentioned before, performance is not the only benefit of an //X, since the new array also provides all the features and functions you would expect from an all-flash-array (e.g. snapshots, dedupe, compression etc.). //X is part of Pure’s Data Platform that provides the foundation for business critical applications all the way to web-scale applications and analytics. Of course //X also includes Evergreen, why customers only pay for capacity once, and the array is expandable and upgradable without SAP downtime, saving customers hundreds and thousands (451 analyzed that 1min of SAP downtime cost $10k and more) of dollars.

Pure’s Data Platform is the only all-flash-based foundation for traditional SAP environments, the road to SAP HANA and even Big Data or IoT solutions, since it combines all ingredients to run structured and unstructured data, on-premise, off-premise or in hybrid mode.